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A Sims 4 horse expansion accidentally leaked, and I need it

Get ready to saddle up, a Sims 4 horse expansion may be neigh-by according to some accidental leaks from various online services selling Steam game keys.

A male Sim dressed in a red cowboy outfit standing beside a brown horse

If there are two things I absolutely adore, they are horses and playing The Sims 4. No other series of simulation games has slapped quite as hard as EA’s iconic Sims franchise has, and it was only bettered when horses were introduced in The Sims 3. From competing with the beautiful beasts to simply riding them around the open world, horses bring depth that  The Sims 4 could greatly benefit from. I have been waiting for years now to hear any word about horses in The Sims 4, and no, mods don’t count.

The Sims 4 developers let me down with Cottage Living, a pack I so enthusiastically looked forward to as I thought it would involve horses. The expansion came and went without my favorite animals, leaving a horse-shaped hole in my heart. All of my girlhood dreams revolving around horses could be coming true soon, though, as upcoming content for The Sims 4 has seemingly leaked onto websites known for their sale of cheap Steam keys.

Through sources like CDKeys and Instant Gaming, I can access pages for upcoming DLC for The Sims 4. Usually, these packs include those already revealed by EA. However, there is currently a page on both sites for an expansion pack for The Sims 4 dubbed ‘Horse Ranch’, with little to no other details than this prospective title. The pack is listed as out of stock or not yet released on the websites, and I can only choose to be notified via email upon its availability.

A screenshot from the CDKeys website showing the sale of a Sims 4 horse expansion

If you are a fellow Simmer, then this leak is probably less surprising than it should be. Developers did tease us a few months ago about horses coming to The Sims 4, responding to questions with horse emojis and other not-so-obscure hints. That means that Horse Ranch could in fact be the next big release for the game, coming after a variety of much smaller packs like the new Sims 4 kits.

Since Horse Ranch is indeed listed as a full expansion pack right now on the Steam key sites, we can expect its price point to fall at the usual $39.99 /£34.99 amount. As an expansion, Horse Ranch should also bring a hefty variety of additional content to the free Sims 4 base game. Obviously horses will be included, but I’m talking more accessories, clothing, Build and Buy Mode furniture, decorations galore, and an entirely new map.

Multiple screenshots taken from a TikTok Sims video in which fans ask about horses coming to the game and EA responds with horse emojis

If only the world in Sims 4 could be open like its predecessor’s. Imagine riding your your new best friend off into the Del Sol Valley sunset. Horses are genuinely one of the sole reasons I still play The Sims 3 regularly. Yes, you read that right – I play The Sims 3 despite The Sims 4’s less dated gameplay experience overall, and it’s totally because of the big, goofy, and lovable creatures. I hope that Horse Ranch is real and not some fanmade fever dream, but sadly hoping is the only thing I can do until EA decides to drop its official announcement.

Who knows, maybe cars and fairies could come next? I won’t push our luck too far. If you are just as much of a Sims stan as I am, then you should have a look through some of our other favorite life games to get your love for digital dollhouses thriving. You can also browse through a few of the best sandbox games if creativity is your thing. For more Sims-specific content, be sure to check out the greatest Sims 4 mods to spice up your gameplay for free.