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New Sims 4 packs prove EA is listening to us

The Grunge Revival Kit and Book Nook Kit are coming to The Sims 4, and EA seems to finally be understanding the community's unique tastes.

A male Sim from The Sims 4 looking happy

EA’s iconic simulation game is receiving two new kits, and it seems that they are going for a more personalized route this time. The Sims 4 will be getting the Grunge Revival Kit and the Book Nook kit this season, two starkly different content packs with a similar theme – the player’s own unique taste. There is nothing us Simmers love more than actually being listened to by the developers, and it seems their ears have finally opened up to us with these new Sims 4 kits.

The first kit announced by The Sims team is the Grunge Revival Kit, a pack focusing on nonconforming fashion. Players will finally be able to give their Sims some more alternative flair with official content rather than custom community downloads. From checkered skater shoes to black chokers, the kit is heavily inspired by contemporary clothing from scenes like the grunge and punk communities.

Sims can rock personalized jeans with baggy graphic hoodies while strumming their guitars, and I am so here for it. So many of my Sims are pastel or otherwise colorful and cute, which means this kit is the perfect opportunity for me to change my gameplay up a bit.

Sims from The Sims 4 wearing grunge outfits

Conversely, the Book Nook Kit is the second pack announced by EA and it seems more up my usual alley. This kit is cozy, featuring comfy new furniture from plush sofas to stackable bookshelves. Players will be able to spice up their Sims’ libraries and living spaces with warm dimly lit lamps, soft paintings, and bookish items.

I spotted one of the new wall paintings in the image shared on The Sims team’s Twitter, and it looks like the art included with the kit will be of framed book covers. I absolutely love this, as it will make my bookworm Sims’ homes feel more like they belong to them. All Simmers also know that there are never enough bookshelves. Now I can have more bookcases and random stacks of books strewn about!

A Sim from The Sims 4 sitting on her sofa reading a book

Both of the new Sims 4 kits will be available to download on June 1, each priced at EA’s usual $4.99 / £4.99 point. You should definitely keep an eye on these if you want less robotic and more human Sims. The Sims 4 team previously wanted players to vote on DLC, and the Grunge Revival Kit and Book Nook Kit could be some of the poll’s products as they definitely reminds me of some of the questions.

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