The Sims 5 Project Rene brings back fan-favorite Sims 3 feature

Shortly after announcing The Sims 4's Horse Ranch expansion, EA sat down to discuss the future of the simulation game including The Sims 5 Project Rene.

A wide-eyed Sim wearing a colorful scarf and knitted cap stares into the camera

The Sims 5 has been on our minds since before the simulation game‘s development was even confirmed, prompting fans to speculate about upcoming features and changes in design. Known also as Project Rene, The Sims 5 will be EA’s new major entry in its iconic series since The Sims 4’s initial release back in 2014. During a Behind The Sims showcase today, the studio sat down to give us Simmers a new, more detailed look at the unfinished game.

After recently confirming The Sims 4 Horse Ranch, EA decided to host its Behind The Sims event where creators and developers alike discuss the future of the series. Most notably, Project Rene was featured as various members of The Sims 5’s development team detailed the game’s goals and overall progress thus far. From fresh animations to overhauled lighting technology, the devs have a lot in store for us Simmers.

As a big Sims 3 fan, there are so many features that the fourth game changed but should not have. Remember actually being able to customize your Sims and their furniture? It seems that The Sims 5 aims to bring us back to those creative roots. With the help of improved lighting technology, the developers stated they want players to have “highly-customizable spaces” that tell a story on their own. Customization isn’t the only priority though, as the devs want to make sure it all “looks great on your computer and on your phone.”

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This creativity extends to the Sims themselves, with devs saying, “We want our players to know how our Sims feel and what they’re thinking just by how they behave.” Project Rene’s Sims are set to have a “variety of attitudes, emotions, and postures” which will work to make them stand out as unique individuals. Each Sim will also interact with the world in their own way, with a personal schedule or routine to follow.

Right now, Project Rene is undergoing testing with such Sim interactions as the devs look to basic models and how they move about the town or how they go about fulfilling needs. While there is no release date yet, the game seems to be looking to player feedback following The Sims 4 to determine what older features should be revamped from previous entries and brought to The Sims 5, even at such an early stage in development.

Who knows, maybe we’ll even see an open world? If you too are a certified Sims stan, then you should have a look through some of our other favorite life games while you await news on The Sims 5 release date. You can also browse through a few of the best sandbox games if you want to get your creativity flowing. For more Sims-specific content, be sure to check out the greatest Sims 4 mods to spice up your gameplay for free.