The Witcher 3 next gen release date confirmed with new DLC and mods

The Witcher 3 next gen release date has been confirmed by CD Projekt Red, with extra free DLCs and mod integration coming to the RPG game as well

The Witcher 3 next gen release date confirmed with new DLC and mods

With news of a The Witcher Remake, we’ve all been waiting to hear more about The Witcher 3 next gen release date, and CD Projekt Red has finally delivered. The Polish game studio has now announced when we can expect the PC and console updates to release, alongside news of a gameplay reveal and details stream that should answer any queries we have about the port of one of the best RPG games.

The Witcher 3’s next gen release date is December 14, 2022, as CD Projekt Red has confirmed. Anyone that already owns the game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One will get the update for free, with a standalone version of the enhanced port coming with all DLC as well.

Fans of the open-world game will also get a range of visual and technical improvements, including ray tracer and quicker load times, which applies to the base game and DLCs. Not only that, CD projekt says “a variety of mods [will be] integrated into the experience,” will new DLC based off Netflix’s The Witcher series coming to the game as well. Expect new weapons and alternative character looks.

CD Projekt Red also adds that the standalone version will only be available digitally at launch, with a physical edition of The Witcher 3’s next gen update coming at a later date. We also don’t know exactly when this gameplay and details stream will be taking place, with the studio likely to reveal more information in the coming days.

With the Witcher 3 next gen release date and The Witcher Remake both on the horizon, it’s definitely a good time to be a fan of Geralt’s antics. Sadly though, we know very little about the remake at this stage, which is “currently in the early stages of development at the Polish studio Fool’s Theory, where veteran Witcher series staff are involved,” CD Projekt Red says, adding that it is “providing full creative supervision” on the project.

There’s no The Witcher Remake release date set yet, but at least we have the next gen port.