Free Games: The Witness will soon be free to keep at the Epic store

The Witness is the next free title in the Epic Games Store. It will be available to download between April 4 and April 18, and will be free-to-keep. It’s not another free weekend promotion.

The Witness was released back in 2016 and sees the player wake up on a strange and beautiful island where they must solve strange, challenging and long-winded puzzles. The Witness generally received positive reviews when it was released, and if you haven’t yet had the chance to pick it up, I fully recommend giving it a go while you can. It’s currently priced $39.99 on Steam.

The most recent game offered free by Epic Games is Oxenfree, which sees players control a pair of teenagers in a ghostly side-scrolling platform adventure. Before that, Epic gave out the hugely popular Slime Rancher in its bid to prove its online store is a serious contender in the digital games market.

The Epic Games store launched at the end of last year and has already caused a stir, attracting exclusives such as Metro Exodus, which has gone on to sell more copies than its predecessorMetro: Last Light sold on Steam.

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More recently at GDC, Epic announced that it would bring Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit to PC for the first time, with a year-long exclusivity deal. The news came as excitement to fans of David Cage’s highly narrative games, which have previously only been available on Playstation.

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