Ex Dishonored and Deathloop dev reveals low-poly survival horror game

From a level designer on Deathloop, Dishonored, Blade, and the upcoming Crysis 4, Threshold is one oppressive survival horror game.

Threshold Steam: a low poly face of a man in old timey clothes

A former Arkane level designer who worked on the likes of Blade, Deathloop, and Dishonored before moving to Crytek to work on Crysis 4 has just revealed their independent survival horror game, and it already looks promising. Called Threshold, it’s a short low-poly atmospheric game where you need to consume air cans to survive while maintaining a never-ending train that’s crossing your country’s border.

Developed by Julien Eveillé, the project has finally been revealed alongside a Steam page and trailer, meaning you can see the horror game in action right now. Threshold puts you in the shoes of a Clerk, who’s tasked with maintaining a never-ending train as it crosses their country’s border.

Eveillé was once a level designer at Arkane, working on some of the studio’s most standout games like Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, Deathloop, and even on the upcoming Blade game from the team too. They’re now working at Crytek on the upcoming Crysis 4 while developing Threshold independently.

There’s a massive wall on the country border in Threshold, low oxygen you need to combat with air cans, and a crunchy, low-poly environment that rivals the thick atmosphere of the early Silent Hill and Resident Evil games.

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Your partner Mo will be at the Border Post to help you, but the air is so thick up in the mountains that no one even wants to speak. You’ll have over 20 countries to pick from at the start too, with each decision impacting the ending you get.

There’s a really dreary, low-poly, Pathalogic-like vibe to Threshold, and its simple yet oppressive premise is something I’m excited to keep an eye on. You can check out Threshold right here, and add it to your Steam wishlist too.

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