Get Titanfall 2 for £25 on Amazon right now

Titanfall 2

Us PC folk can get an Origin code for Titanfall 2 for only £24.99, as Amazon gets ready for Black Friday.

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The deal is available now on Amazon here, and is the latest nadir in tumbling prices for the triple-A game despite it launching less than a month ago.

Titanfall 2’s mostly stellar reviews were not reflected in its sales, with many criticising publisher EA for choosing to launch the game within weeks of the year’s other two biggest shooters. Despite this, EA insists it is “committed to the franchise“.

Titanfall 2 launched with a full-fat, £50 price tag, meaning Amazon’s sale represents a half-price cut. For comparison, EA’s other big shooter, Battlefield 1, launched a week before Titanfall and is reduced to £29.99.

Such drastic reductions on premium games that are less than a month old is a relatively recent phenomenon, and perhaps reflects the impact of Black Friday sales on the games industry. Or perhaps they reflect a broader problem with triple-A this year. It’ll be very interesting to see how well the big publishers do out of this weekend’s big sales.

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