A mod for the original Ghost Recon is finally done, 15 years later


A crucial question for modders making total conversions for beloved games is, “When am I done?” For ApexMods, a modder who has been tinkering with his overhaul of the original Ghost Recon, the answer is finally “now.”

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ApexMods’ Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed, has been a one-man passion project for more than 15 years. Almost since the 2001 launch of the first Ghost Recon, he’s been adding to it and making adjustments, all designed to create the definitive, hardcore, tactical shooter experience.

Heroes Unleashed v 1.0 is available now, and it adds a dizzying amount of new content to Ghost Recon. There are more than 300 maps, countless vehicles, and a single player and co-op campaign. ApexMods has also taken certain things out: there’s no more “magical healing” or on-screen guides. Bullet physics have been made is true-to-life as possible, and ApexMods says there’s no hand-holding whatsoever now.

If you own the original Ghost Recon, you can head over to ModDB to download Heroes Unleashed. If not, there’s also a demo version available. You can find out more over at GhostRecon.net.