The Division 2’s latest event is delayed due to a fancy backpack

The new backpack vanity item has caused problems and now The Division 2's latest apparel event, which was meant to begin today, is delayed until next week

The Division 2 Fairview Crew apparel event delayed: Two agents take cover and fire from behind a blue supply container as a shielded enemy approaches.

The latest event in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has been delayed again. The Fairview Crew apparel event, which originally was scheduled to begin May 24, had been pushed back to June 2 – but another issue has cropped up, leading to another delay. Now Ubisoft says the MMORPG’s Fairview Crew event will begin next week, June 7, thanks to a problem with the new backpack vanity item not working correctly.

“We had to delay the apparel event as a major issue related to the new vanity item, the backpack, was found at the last minute,” the Division 2 team says in a statement posted to Twitter. “The apparel event will start on Tuesday [June 7], and the backpack rewards will be granted once a new patch is deployed at a later date, during the apparel event.”

The Division 2’s apparel events add new cosmetic outfit looks, usually a total of around 27 items, that players can earn in limited time event caches. To open the caches, players race to complete event objectives and projects and earn as many cache keys as possible during the event.

Conflict PvP mode has been taken offline too, due to a bug that caused item upgrades to be reset to zero while playing the mode. Ubisoft now says that issue has been resolved, and Conflict will be back when the Fairview Crew apparel event begins June 7.

Any player who lost upgrades due to this bug will be “compensated,” Ubisoft says, but does not provide any additional detail on when or how that compensation will occur.