The Division 2 update kicks off Season 10 and adds customisation

The latest The Division 2 update marks the start of Season 10: The Price of Power, and adds full character recustomisation and other improvements

The Division 2 update: Season 10's manhunt targets appear in a wedge formation headed by General Peter Anderson, a clean-shaven man wearing a blue US Marines dress uniform coat with a ragged American flag patch sewn onto the left arm

Season 10 has begun with the latest The Division 2 update, which rolled out September 13. In addition to launching another season’s worth of manhunt targets, the patch also includes some welcome quality-of-life updates for the action MMORPG – including, for the first time, full character recustomisation.

The Division 2 Season 10 is called The Price of Power, and it’s another manhunt for yet another powerful operative who poses an existential threat to The Division. This time it’s General Peter Anderson, a power-hungry former officer who’s angling to take Antwon Ridgeway’s former position as the head of the True Sons. Anderson plans on forming an alliance between the True Sons and the Black Tusk, and the Division doesn’t plan on standing idly by and watching that happen.

The season will feature another four targets, as well as two apparel events. The SHD Paragon apparel event kicks off September 27, and the creepy Dark Path event starts November 1.

The new Countdown endgame multiplayer mode now has three additional difficulty levels you can select. The lowest is ‘normal,’ which Ubisoft says allows Countdown to be completed by solo agents. ‘Hard’ is designed for groups of eight casual players, ‘challenging’ is the difficulty the mode launched, and ‘heroic’ is meant for groups of four to eight ‘hardcore’ players.

Season 10 also introduces legendary difficulty for the Tidal Basin and Manning National Zoo strongholds, so gear up and head to those locations for some tough fights.

The expertise cap has been raised from 20 to 21 for Season 10, and again, you can now fully recustomise your character at any time, changing your body type, skin tone, and face shape.

Another nice change: there’s now a chance for any open world NPC to drop exotic loot in any activity, and this chance increases with difficulty tiers. At World Tier 5 and above, you’ll also have a chance to collect exotic components from control points chests at alert level three, and from Dark Zone chests.

Season 10 is underway now, so it’s the perfect time to hop back into The Division 2: Warlords of New York.