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Tomb Raider is basically a free game with this Steam sale

If you love adventuring as Lara Croft or want to see why Tomb Raider has been so successful, you can grab the action game for almost nothing on Steam right now.

Tomb Raider is basically a free game with this Steam sale: Lara Croft running from a plane that is ablaze above the woods behind her

Tomb Raider is one of those action-adventure games I encountered often throughout my life. Lara Croft is one of the most iconic female characters out there, and it isn’t hard to see why. From the Tomb Raider protagonist’s intense story to her impressive ability to always survive, the series provides a new thrill at every turn. If you are a fan and have been wanting to pick up the games you’ve not yet added to your library, or new and wanting to experience Tomb Raider for the first time, you should have a look at this massive Steam sale.

The 2013 edition of Tomb Raider is 80% off itself, coming in at just $2.99 right now. You can, however, give yourself a better deal by opting to purchase Steam’s Tomb Raider Collection bundle which includes every single game and its respective additional content. This bundle is a mind-boggling 90% off, leaving the price at a low $40. Yep, just 40 bucks for every single piece of Tomb Raider gameplay Steam has to offer. The bundle is usually $365, so this sale seriously means business.

I already own a few Tomb Raider games myself, which means that I can grab the bundle to complete my collection. Steam adjusts the discount price depending on how much content from it you already own so you get the best deal tailored to your game library. Personally, I’m most excited to check out some of the more retro-styled Tomb Raider games that I grew up seeing my dad play. There’s always something strangely nostalgic about jumping into an older game, even if you haven’t ever played it yourself.

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From Lara’s charming polygon-bodied self to the more contemporary hardened survivor I’m used to, the Tomb Raider series has a little something in store for every genre of player. If you are interested in perusing the sale yourself, you can have a look at it on the Steam storefront here. The overwhelmingly positive reviews should say everything you need to know before gearing up and taking on the wilderness first-hand.

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