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Total War: Arena’s open beta starts today, now with added elephants


Five years after it was originally announced, Total War: Arena, the series’ first online, competitive multiplayer game, marches into open beta today.

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Total War: Arena sees players take part in 10v10 strategic battles, leading the charge with some of history’s most renowned commanders.

The open beta introduces a new faction – the Carthage – led by the General Hannibal Barca and his brother Hasdrubal. The Carthage factions bring with it brand new units, including Hannibal’s infamous war elephants. The Carthage can fight alongside the existing Greek, Roman, and Barbarian factions.

PCGamesN’s Rich was suitably impressed when he played Total War: Arena last year, finding that Creative Assembly had revitalised the game following their partnership with Wargaming.

Total War: Arena’s open beta is available to download and play for free now.