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Does Total War Pharaoh have crossplay?

Find out if Total War Pharaoh has crossplay so you can divide and conquer with, or absolutely crush, your friends on different platforms.

Total War Pharaoh crossplay: a view of ancient Egypt, with two pyramids in the background.

Does Total War: Pharaoh have crossplay? It’s always Pharaoh this, Pharaoh that when it comes to the ancient Egyptians. Maybe a ‘Cleopatra did what?!’ But it’s plain to see that it’s the leaders who get the plaudits and guess what? Now it’s your turn. You’re the omniscient cursor that roams the battlefield, telling everyone what to do, where to go, and who to stab. Every fearless leader needs a worthy adversary, though; someone to really test their might, and it turns out there’s nobody better for that than your mates.

With the Total War: Pharaoh release date on the sandy horizon, you might be wondering where’s best to purchase the RTS, obviously wanting to get the best deal. But, I hear you cry, what if you buy your copy on a different platform than your friends – will you still be able to play together? Well, we have the answer to whether Total War: Pharaoh has crossplay right here.

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Does Total War: Pharaoh support crossplay?

Total War: Pharaoh will support crossplay between the Steam and Epic Games platforms. You will be able to play co-op and head-to-head multiplayer games seamlessly between the two services.

You can buy your copy of the game from either of the two platforms without any social repercussions, and you can put Barry from the pub to the sword despite the fact that he’s an Epic Games Store apologist and always has been.

Now you know you don’t have to worry about Total War: Pharaoh crossplay, it’s time to prepare for launch and get yourself mentally ready for what’s next. We have everything you need to know about the Total War: Pharaoh factions and leaders so you can get a leg up on your opposition. If you absolutely cannot wait to get your hit of warfare, we have the list of best strategy games right here that should scratch that itch for the time being.