The next Total Warhammer 3 patch should fix alt-tab crashes

Developer Creative Assembly plans to make other performance issues with the RTS game and is investigating the impact of Denuvo DRM

The next Total Warhammer 3 patch should fix alt-tab crashes

Our Total War: Warhammer 3 review describes the latest entry in the franchise as one of the best RTS games around, but it’s unfortunately not without its share of technical hiccups. Developer Creative Assembly has already addressed some of these problems through recent performance updates, but the studio has just shared its ‘Patch 1.0.2. Timeline’ which should implement fixes for alt-tab crashes and more.

In its developer diary, Creative Assembly shares that crashes caused by alt-tab instability account for the “majority of our crash reports” making it the “primary issue under investigation” at the studio. While it hopes to include a potential resolution in its next patch, the company says that it may have to wait “until the next-next update” based on the results of its internal testing.

The update should also resolve problems relating to the game’s installation path when a non-ASCII character is present, battle desyncs, unintended v-sync locks, as well as further improving performance on Intel Alder Lake gaming PCs.

Creative Assembly also discusses the use of Denuvo DRM in Total War: Warhammer 3, hoping to clear up some “misconceptions” surrounding its implementation. The developer highlights that the software was present in previous games in the series, and describes its performance impact as “not yet conclusive.” Nonetheless, the studio is conducting tests to determine its full impact, if any.

We can expect the Patch 1.0.2 to arrive on March 10, but the developer says it may have to push its release to March 17 to mitigate the risk of introducing new problems with these fixes.