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Total War: Warhammer 3 patch adds free DLC and auto mounts

The Total War: Warhammer 3 patch 1.2 notes are here, adding the first Regiments of Renown free DLC, some mount quality of life changes, and more

The Total War: Warhammer 3 patch notes are in

The latest Total War: Warhammer III patch 1.2 notes are here, bringing with it a load of changes – including the strategy game‘s first Regiments of Renown free DLC pack, a much-requested change to mounts, and the AI shouldn’t be so mean to the player anymore.

Last month, Creative Assembly revealed the full Total War: Warhammer III roadmap for 2022, and while most were concerned with the details on the Immortal Empires combined campaign release date, the developer also confirmed that update 1.2 would bring the first Regiments of Renown DLC for free. It’s here now, adding new, recruitable elite troops to every faction.

The full patch notes are available here. One much-requested feature is an auto-unlock for mounts, where characters will automatically gain their mounts when they reach the appropriate level rather than the player having to spend a skill point on them. Auto-resolve now functions based on the difficulty of the battle rather than the chosen campaign difficulty setting, and the scaling of auto-resolve has been reduced on Hard.

There have been a few tweaks to AI behaviour too. While Creative Assembly has increased its aggression levels to make it more likely to start sieges, the AI is less mean to player-controlled factions now, or at least, has less of a bias towards attacking them.


Here are all the troops being added as part of the Regiments of Renown pack:

  • The Dune Dragons – Celestial Dragon Guard (Grand Cathay)
  • Hellforged Host – Exalted Bloodletters of Khorne (Khorne)
  • Dazh’s Hearth-Blades – Tzar Guard (Kislev)
  • Powder-Guts – Maneaters (Ogre Kingdoms)
  • Bringers of Beguilement – Exalted Daemonetters of Slaanesh (Slaanesh)
  • Blazing Squealers – Exalted Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (Tzeentch)

For the rest of the long list of updates, check out the full list or the handy video summary below.

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Total War: Warhammer III is still one of the best Warhammer games on PC, and fans can expect further DLC expansions in the months to come.

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