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Total War: Warhammer teased in roarsome Creative Assembly retrospective

Total War: Warhammer

Total War: Warhammer is the worst kept secret in Horsham. Creative Assembly signed a deal in 2012 to make multiple licensed adaptations for Games Workshop’s swords ‘n’ skaven universe – and the name cropped up in a book, The Art of Total War, more than a month ago.

Now the studio have decided to join in the speculation themselves. Who needs announcements anymore?

Sega have popped out a new video in celebration of 15 years of Total War. But there’s no time to savour the series’ history, as they skip speedily past the original Shogun to spend more time with this year’s offerings: Total War Attila, Total War: Arena, Total War Battles: Kingdom, and something else. Jump to 2:30 for the clip in question.

There’s no telling what we’re seeing there, but the growl sounds like it might come from the throat of an orc or beastman – and certainly not from anything in an existing Total War game.

“2015 will be our biggest year yet, and this latest trailer will give you a hint of what’s to come,” said the publisher of the video.

Three years ago, Creative Assembly’s Tim Heaton said that they would “be doing the Warhammer universe justice in a way that has never been attempted before”.

“We’re bringing those 25 years of experience and expertise in extremely high-scoring games to bear, delivering a Warhammer experience that video gamers will absolutely love,” said the former studio head.

What sort of Warhammer experience would you absolutely love? Temperamental artillery steered by anthropomorphic rodents?