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Tower of Fantasy characters expand with Cobalt-B, new Vera event

A new Tower of Fantasy character is on the way to the online RPG game, as Cobalt-B has been announced by Hotta Studio alongside the Vera event

Tower of Fantasy character roster expands with Cobalt-B: Blue haired anime girl with glasses stands in a science lab wearing a high necked vest top and black latex gloves

A new Tower of Fantasy character is on the way soon, as Hotta Studio has announced that the gun-wielding Cobalt-B will be coming to the RPG game alongside a new limited time event ahead of the Vera 2.0 update.

The new Tower of Fantasy character releases on October 6, and brings with her a Flaming Revolver that she uses on enemies. “A mechanical engineer on the Hykros weapon development team, Cobalt-B has an innate instinct for creating highly effective weapons which she tests on unsuspecting Hyena members.”

The trailer below shows Cobalt-B in action:

YouTube Thumbnail

The new Tower of Fantasy character trailer for Cobalt-B shows the new character in action, with her gigantic Flaming Revolver doing some serious damage in the brief clip of gameplay we get – it looks like her play style will be quite out there.

There’s also going to be the “Vera Orienteering Limited-Timed Event”, which will run from now until October 12 and give you the chance to earn rewards by completing challenges focused on three different gameplay elements. More of these events will unlock as time goes on, and you can learn about them on the official Tower of Fantasy website.

The Vera 2.0 update also promises more than just Tower of Fantasy characters, as it’ll include a cyberpunk city and vast desert wastelands for you to explore.

A Tower of Fantasy login bonus event has also started, which will give you the chance to earn some limited-time outfits that you can customise the colour of, if you should earn them.

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