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Genshin-style Tower of Fantasy release date set for early August

The Genshin Impact-meets-Nier: Automata open-world RPG Tower of Fantasy will be launching on PC and mobile devices August 10, and you can preload August 9

Tower of Fantasy release date: Red-haired King peers over a pair of aviator sunglasses, wearing a red-accented leather trench coat and choker

If you’re a Genshin Impact fan who’s been itching for a little more sci-fi in your open-world game, then good news: the Tower of Fantasy release date has been announced, and it’s set for August 10. Tower of Fantasy blends the big anime open world of Genshin Impact with a touch of Nier: Automata’s post-apocalyptic Earth, and it’ll be available on both PC and mobile devices in just a couple short weeks.

Something that sets Tower of Fantasy apart from the wildly popular Genshin Impact is its powerful character creation tools, which we got a chance to see first-hand at Summer Game Fest this year. While you’ll unlock specific characters along your journey, those work as appearance ‘presets’ that you can alter and adjust to your heart’s content, making the anime character of your dreams.

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Developer Hotta Studio has put a lot of effort into fine-tuning Tower of Fantasy’s combat system, too, which features movesets for a wide variety of sci-fi weapons and abilities. There’s also an immersive physics system that handles climbing, swimming, and moving around the landscape on a staggering range of vehicles – you can whip out a hoverboard to quickly skim over the surface of the water or leap on a cyber-unicorn to gallop around and leap across chasms.

Toss in a few jetpacks, mechs, and badass cyber-cycles, and you’ve got an exciting journey in store.

You can head to the official Tower of Fantasy site to pre-register. The game will be available on the App Store, Google Play, Steam, and Epic. Just a heads up: if you plan on playing on either Steam or Epic, you may need to wait a few more months – we understood that Tower of Fantasy would be launching on those platforms later in the year. However, you should still be able to play on PC on launch day by registering on the official site.