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Tower of Fantasy next banner and character could be Saki, not Lin

Tower of Fantasy’s next banner and new character might be Saki and not Lin despite speculation ahead of the 2.0 Vera update to Hotta’s gacha RPG

Tower of Fantasy next banner and character could be Saki, not Lin: Saki from Hotta gacha RPG Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy’s next banner and character could be Saki rather than Lin despite hints dropped by Hotta following confirmation of the 2.0 Vera update, which is coming to the gacha RPG on October 20.

The Vera update will bring a new character in the form of Cobalt-B alongside a new event focused on the desert realm of Vera. Originally, Tower of Fantasy fans believed they had spotted various clues that Lin, who has been released for the RPG in China but not worldwide, would become available globally following the new update, but now speculation is rising that it could in fact be the fire character, Saki.

An image posted to the Tower of Fantasy Reddit shows the Taiwanese version of the gacha game’s website, which contains a huge character artwork for Ruby, alongside three character thumbnails where Saki seems to be appear in the order before Lin. Tower of Fantasy fans speculate this could signal that Saki will arrive in the Taiwan version of the game before becoming available worldwide, and that she may appear indeed precede Lin.

Tower of Fantasy next banner and character could be Saki, not Lin: Ruby from RPG gacha Tower of Fantasy by Hotta

“While this doesn’t prove anything,” writes one fan, “I’d love this to be the case. Pretty much will guarantee that I will get both Saki and Lin.” “My god,” writes another. “Saki and Lin back to back, if I don’t get Saki within the first 80 pulls I’m done for.” Other fans are more sceptical, suggesting it would be unlikely for Tower of Fantasy to receive two fire characters so close together. “If they [Hotta] are actually dumb enough to release two fire back to back while they have four other elements to choose from, I’m sorry,” says one fan. “But until then, I have faith they got a brain.”

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