All upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners May 2023

The upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners are set to introduce more characters and weapons into the global version of the game, including Fiona and Gunonno.

The upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners shed some light on which characters are set to make their debut, and which fan favourites are making a welcome return to the gacha system. Tower of Fantasy has been out for quite some time in China already, so we have a strong idea of who we can expect to join the roster of playable simulacra, and how often they rotate.

The best upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners require red nuclei, which are extremely rare in comparison to the other nucleus currencies available. The most reliable way to acquire red nuclei is via the ‘HOT’ shop. A single Red Nucleus costs 150 Dark Crystals, so be prepared to save up 1,500 Dark Crystals for a ten-stack of Special Orders. Here are all the Tower of Fantasy banners you can spend that hard-earned currency on in one of the best free PC games currently available.

The next Tower of Fantasy banner

The next Tower of Fantasy banner is rumoured to be Fiona. It will run from May 5, 2023, immediately following the Lan and Icarus banners.

Upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners

Here are all of the upcoming characters in future Tower of Fantasy banners:

  • Fiona banner
  • Gunonno banner
  • Rubilia banner

The Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy also includes several collaboration events featuring additional simulacra, such as Baiyuekui and Marc. Hotta Studio has since confirmed that it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing collaboration simulacra in the global version “due to copyright barriers”, so we haven’t included their banners in the above list.

Tower of Fantasy upcoming banners: Blazing Whirlpool event banner, featuring the Lan simulacrum with her Vermillion Bird weapon.

Current Tower of Fantasy event banners

The current Tower of Fantasy event banners feature Lan and Icarus, and include their Blazing Whirlpool and Lonely Feather weapon and matrix banners. It’s scheduled to run from April 14 to May 4, 2023.

The Free Pick Pool features Frigg, Saki Fuwa, and Alyss, and includes their respective weapon and matrix banners. They’re scheduled to run from April 13 to May 4, 2023. It’s worth mentioning that each simulacrum’s corresponding weapon is exempt from the permanent Choice Weapons pool while they remain in the Free Pick Pool.

Both event banners retain the same probability chances as the standard Choice Weapons and Choice Matrices banner. This comes with the added caveat that whatever SSR weapon or matrices you obtain from the respective limited banners has a 50% chance of being the featured character.

Tower of Fantasy standard banners

The standard Tower of Fantasy banners are Choice Weapons and Choice Matrices. Choice Weapons serves as the standard pool for pulling Tower of Fantasy weapons or simulacra.

We know from the Chinese version of the RPG game that limited Tower of Fantasy simulacra will eventually make their way from event banners to the standard banner pool. While this means you won’t have to wait for banners to return if the odds weren’t in your favour the first time around, it does mean they’ll lose the 50-50 chance bestowed by limited event banners.

Tower of Fantasy banners: the standard banner showing some of the available characters and a bunch of ducks.

You can wish on the Choice Weapons banner using the gold nucleus cache or the black nucleus cache, but the probability of pulling anything valuable from either of them varies significantly. While gold and black nuclei are both found scattered across the Tower of Fantasy map, black nuclei are far more common, and you’ll find acquiring the currency to make a full ten-stack Special Order far easier with black nuclei than gold nuclei.

To account for their respective rarity, the chances of receiving an SSR weapon from the black nucleus cache is 0.3%, whereas the gold nucleus cache offers a 0.75% probability chance. Additionally, you’re always guaranteed to receive an SSR weapon after 80 Special Orders have been made via the gold nucleus cache, whereas the black nucleus cache features no such pity system.

That’s everything we know about the upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners. If you’re curious what else one of the best free MMOs has to offer, take a look at everything currently available in the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update, as well as the lowdown on how to get to Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy. It does require you to reach a certain level, so if you’re not quite there yet, check out our Tower of Fantasy leveling guide to get there even faster.