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Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update reveals new desert region Vera

The Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update and new region Vera are revealed at Gamescom, showing off the area where the first major expansion for the anime RPG will be set

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Vera update - cyberpunk city Mirroria, a bustling haven of neon-lit buildings and floating cars

We’re already getting eyes on the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update and its new region Vera, just weeks after the anime game’s western release. So far, Tower of Fantasy has launched to huge popularity in the west, pulling in massive Twitch viewer numbers and causing lengthy Tower of Fantasy queue times at launch. Thankfully, these issues have been quickly addressed by developer Hotta studio, who has also taken to naming and shaming Tower of Fantasy cheaters in an attempt to curb troublemakers from ruining the multiplayer game experience.

Now, the developers have shared a look at the upcoming Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 update, which will see players exploring a vast desert landscape and the floating Mirror City known as Mirroria. We got to see a short trailer showing several Tower of Fantasy characters zipping across the desert landscape on speeder bikes alongside some brief, panning shots of the cyberpunk-looking city. Vera, Hotta Studio explains, was under the jurisdiction of the Seventh District of Hykros before the Cataclysm, after which it lost contact with the main Plane.

Vera’s climate is hot and dry, as you might expect from a region dominated by desert. The Gobby is the main desert region but, given its relatively uninhabitable nature, most of the people in the Vera region live in the Mirroria. A failure in the Vera Tower of Fantasy following the Cataclysm means that Vera’s space-time dimension cannot be calibrated on the main Plane, and nor can it obtain a stable supply of original energy. Thankfully, this means that, outside of a few heavily polluted areas, the intensity of original energy radiation in Vera is gradually decreasing.

While we don’t yet have a Tower of Fantasy 2.0 release date to let us know when we can explore the Vera region, it seems like this expansion is already lining up to release fairly soon. It’s likely that Hotta Studio is hoping to fast-track the western audience slightly in order to catch them up to Chinese players who have had access to the game since December 2021.

You can check out the Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 trailer below:

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