Train Sim World 3 release date set for September

The Train Sim World 3 release date is about a month away, and it'll support add-ons purchased for Train Sim World 2 while adding all new weather and lighting

Train Sim World 3 release date: A red BNSF locomotive at the head of a train moving through a snow storm.

We’re on track for a brand new train sim experience, if you catch our drift. The Train Sim World 3 release date has been revealed, and the latest edition of the simulation game will be hitting digital shelves September 7, which is less than a month away. Armchair conductors can look forward to a new dynamic weather system, some exciting new routes, and some jaw-dropping new lighting – and the best part is, add-ons purchased for Train Sim World 2 will follow you to the new edition of the locomotive simulation game.

The big news with Train Sim World 3 is its new dynamic weather and lighting systems, which work together to make your locomotive conducting experience a whole lot more atmospheric. Dovetail Games says it’s added new volumetric skies lit by a new lighting engine, which allows for extreme weather conditions along the long new routes. These new conditions include fallen leaves, which can create big problems for trains: wet leaves reduce traction, which is important for engines hauling heavy loads.

Train Sim World 3 features three new routes. There’s California’s Cajon Pass, located between the San Bernardino mountains and the San Gabriel mountains. This route connects San Bernardino to Barstow, and you’ll be able to command BNSF’s ES44C4 and SD40-2 locomotives at the head of some of the longest trains in America.

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There’s also the 116-mile/187 kilometre Kassel – Würzburg route in Europe, featuring the German ICE 3 and ICE 1 passenger trains. This is the longest route Dovetail has ever made for Train Sim World, and it passes over viaducts and through tunnels, with the ICE trains making the trips at very high speeds.

Finally, there’s the Southeastern Highspeed route in England’s own Kent, situated between London, Ashford, and Dartford. Here you’ll be running the Class 375 and 465 EMUs as they handle the commuter routes on the Southeastern. Here you’ll also be able to drive the Class 395 Javelin, Britain’s swiftest domestic passenger train.

Another bit of good news for sim fans is that any routes and engines you own in Train Sim World 2 will be carried over into Train Sim World 3 – but Dovetail Games notes that these older routes and trains will not include the new features added in this edition.

Train Sim World 3 will be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store, with a starter pack listing for $39.99 / £29.99 and a deluxe edition priced at $59.99 / £49.99.