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Save $88 on this 9/10 wireless gaming headset, if you’re quick

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro includes Superhuman Heading, a technology that isolates and amplifies key sounds in first-person shooters.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro deal

If you’re an avid FPS gamer, this fantastic wireless gaming headset deal is for you. It brings the price of the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro down as low as $241.05, saving you a massive $88.96 against the usual MSRP.

In my 9/10 Turtle Beach Stealth Pro review I called it “the ultimate first-person shooter headset,” and was left in awe of its complete balance of sound quality and comfort. It’s among the best gaming headsets we’ve ever reviewed, so why not jump at the chance to grab one with such huge savings available?

You can save big on the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro at Amazon and Best Buy at the moment. Outright, Amazon has the biggest saving, with $88.96 off the headset. Meanwhile, Best Buy has a base saving of $50 with a further $36 off if you’re a My Best Buy Plus subscriber.

The biggest advantage the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro holds over many of its competitors is a feature called Superhuman Hearing. This audio tech amplifies sounds like footsteps, gunfire, and reloads. Pair this feature with the spatial audio, and you have an upper hand when it comes to enemy info in games like Counter-Strike 2 and Warzone 2.

Even at this sale price, the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro is a long-term investment, and that’s why it’s also important that the build quality of the headset is excellent, as is the comfort in long gaming sessions.

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