Twitch has hidden features you can access with the Konami code

Use the Konami code to customize the Creator Dashboard

If you stream on Twitch, you may be using the new Creator Dashboard, which – to coin a phrase – streamlines many common broadcasting functions and commands with a slicker, simpler interface. There’s a way to customize which windows you see in the Creator Dashboard, but it’s hidden behind the Konami Code.

That’s right: By typing in the Konami Code, you can pull up a new submenu that lets you toggle switches for each element in the new Dashboard. Each pane is toggleable: the Activity Feed Panel, Chat Panel, Stream Preview Panel, Quick Actions Panel, and Edit Stream Info Panel can all be switched on or off through the hidden menu. Making changes requires a save and reload of the Creator Dashboard page.

As our sister site The Loadout reports, streamer Devin Nash showed this feature off with no small amount of incredulity during his stream December 5.

“In the infinite wisdom of Twitch’s design decisions, they put the Konami Code behind the only actual useful thing that the Creator Dashboard has,” he said. “And I cannot believe it. This is real shit.”

You can watch the relevant clip from Nash’s stream here:

The explanation, it turns out, is that Twitch isn’t quite ready for these functions to be used across the platform just yet. On Reddit, Twitch senior product manager for creator experience Sam Chen explained says the team is still working on how to integrate it into the new Creator Dashboard so it won’t require reloading the page.

Enter the Konami Code on the new Creator Dashboard for a secret menu from r/Twitch

For now though, typing UP + UP + DOWN + DOWN + LEFT + RIGHT + LEFT + RIGHT + B + A will let you set your Dashboard up the way you want, closing panels you don’t need during your broadcast. Chen says Twitch is still working on improving the new dashboard, so we can probably expect to see more options and functions added over the next few months.