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Two Point Campus DLC takes school management game to space

The first ever Two Point Campus DLC will take the Sega-published Steam school management game to space, with new courses, classrooms, and Cheesy Gubbins

Two Point Campus DLC takes school management game to space: A group of budding space college students smile for the Two Point Campus DLC

Two Point Campus DLC is finally here, propelling the Sega-published Steam school management game into space, where you can explore new courses, new classrooms, extracurricular activities, and apparently learn the origins of the mysterious snack, Cheesy Gubbins.

Two Point Campus: Space Academy will first of all challenge you to revitalise Two Point County’s neglected space program. Setting up shop on an asteroid made of cheese, the likely origin for your students’ and teachers’ favourite savoury snack, you’ll need to harvest resources to reestablish a college in the outer galaxy.

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There are three new interplanetary locations where you can establish your space school, with six new courses and classrooms, six new student archetypes, and even the possibility of alien students all signing up for enrolment. The new command room teaches your student body how to captain starships and become space leaders. The battle space lets them test their star-warring abilities out with laser truncheons, so they can practise combat against galactic enemies.

New student clubs are also available. Your budding pupils can decide to host an intra-school sci-fi convention or start a lunchtime society dedicated to time travel. It all goes towards training your galactic freshmen from budding novices into pilots and space knights, and it launches on Steam December 6 for $9.99 USD / £8.99 GBP.

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