The ultimate Two Point Campus guide for beginners

If you are looking for tips on how to get started, our Two Point Campus guide has plenty of tricks for managing both your student and staff needs

Looking for a Two Point Campus guide to help you start schooling those kids? It’s not an easy task taking charge of an academic institution, certainly not one that offers such a wide range of subjects – mastering the combat skills of a medieval knight or recalling secret knowledge to become a quiz team ace are no mean feats. It’s not just the students that have a lot to learn though, as you’re embarking on an exciting journey: how to make money and keep people happy while running a university.

To help you get to grips with the basics, we have prepared some tips and tricks in this Two Point Campus guide that cover many key areas of the simulation game. This includes which mandatory rooms you need to build in every level, why every Campus Building should have a bathroom, and why your students don’t particularly care about their sleeping arrangements. You can get a more in-depth look at how to maximise your Two Point Campus grades or buff the overall Two Point Campus happiness rating in their respective dedicated guides, but for now, here are some general Two Point Campus tips to help you become the ultimate school principal.

Two Point Campus guide: a massive dormitory, reasonably sized shower room, and a five-stall big bathroom.

Build these essential facilities early as students will need them

While your campus requirements give you a general idea of the rooms required to run the course, there are other areas you also need to build on every level. This may seem excessive, but at a bare minimum, you should construct the following rooms (if they are available) before starting your first year:

  • A Dormitory with at least six beds and plenty of space for bookshelves, desks, and future additional items.
  • A Shower Room with six cubicles, some towel rails, and a handful of sinks/hand dryers.
  • A Bathroom in every building with at least five stalls, five sinks, and three hand dryers.
  • Several vending machines in each building with bins on every corner.
  • An extensive Library for your students to study in with a couple of bookshelves and several types of desks (you’ll fill this room with course-specific bookshelves later on).
  • A Staff Room for your faculty team to chill out in.
  • At least one Medical Office and one Pastoral Support (this number will go up in later levels).

You can save other vital rooms, such as the Student Lounge, Student Union, Training Room, and Research Lab until you’ve made back some of the money spent on the initial facilities. Don’t forget that if the plot of land a Campus Building is on can be extended, you should do so as it’s cheaper than making a new one from scratch.

Two Point Campus: a rather smelly student is sleeping in a bed.

Since students don’t mind sharing beds, you only need a couple of dormitories

You’d think your students would appreciate privacy, but ideally, as long as there is a dormitory with around six beds in at least a couple of your buildings, you should be fine.

Fortunately for you, to the students of Two Point county, a bed is merely like a vending machine for sleep that any undergrad can use. Since there’s no sense of ownership, you just need to build inviting living spaces close by to reduce tiredness.

Pause frequently to read stats and take your time making decisions

If multiple problems are currently occurring on campus, don’t be afraid to slam that spacebar to stop time. You can take your time reading your student’s stats from here. It may not be obvious why they are unhappy or failing the course, but generally speaking, if they have a lot of negative traits, there is some work you need to do.

If they are suffering from illness or need someone to talk to about their problems, you can find a button in their student profile that will force that student to visit a medical or pastoral care room. If they’re just failing their grades, you can click the button to send them to private tuition.

It’s also helpful if you somehow don’t manage to construct all of the facilities or hire faculty staff needed to run your course for that year. When you start the academic year, a timer will appear until you need to make that room or employ a new teacher. Once this runs out, your students will miss out on vital lectures to achieve top grades. If the timer is running low, you can pause the game and take your time to decide on the best course of action.

Two Point Campus guide: the attractiveness visualisation shows green areas that are attractive and brown areas that are ugly.

Visualisations help with troubleshooting any problems

The eyeball tab on the bottom left of the screen gives you access to multiple views so you can see where any gaps for attractiveness, temperature, and hygiene are. The wrench icon helps you know if you need to hire more janitors to repair items, while the crown shows a room’s prestige which you can increase by making the room larger and filling it with more objects.

Decorate exterior areas as well to increase your attractiveness rating

It’s not just the buildings inside the campus grounds that need your attention. You can fill all the green spaces around them with food and drink vendors to feed your students better than vending machines can, and you should also place some benches and bins so your undergrads have a nice outdoor space to make friends and develop blossoming romances. You can also place some stands so they can join clubs.

However, the main thing you should be putting here are items that increase your university’s overall attractiveness rating. Sure, other decorative items indoors can have an effect and you should absolutely take advantage of that, but it’s the outdoor items that give the highest attractiveness score.

Two Point Campus guide: a student dressed as a Knight is being treated in a machine by an assistant.

Dedicate a whole corridor to your student’s well-being because otherwise, queues will grow too long

As soon as you get the ability to build Private Tuition Rooms, Medical Offices, and Pastoral Support, try to have at least three or four of each. This is especially true if you are trying to complete an objective where you need to meet an average happiness percentage or overall grade.

As your campus’ undergrad population grows, it’s likely more people will seek some personal care, and the last thing you want is to have impossibly long queues. If you can, we recommend putting some Private Tuition Rooms near Lecture Theatres, along with Medical Offices and Pastoral Support facilities near a Student lounge or Student union.

Two Point Campus guide: a bathroom with two people in it. One is watching the other washing his hands.

Every building should have a bathroom unless you want people to wet themselves

Of all the rooms you should have inside every building on your campus, a bathroom is the most important one. While it’s hilarious to see a student waddling through the corridors trying to… ahem… keep everything together, this torture doesn’t bode well for their overall wellbeing.

On top of that, lavatories break, so while you could have a legion of janitors ready to unclog broken bogs, it’s cheaper to just consider making another bathroom, filling it with new toilets, sinks, and hand dryers. Speaking of hygiene, it’s one of the views you have access to in the Visualisations tab, and hand sanitisers are great for this.

Two Point Campus guide: several members of the Book and Sleep Well clubs gathered together on the college green.

These are the best clubs your students can join for bonuses

Not long into the campaign, you’ll get to offer your undergrads some student clubs. You should limit yourself to a couple of these per college at best unless you’re going for perfection. Here is a list of all of the Two Point Campus clubs and the bonuses they give your students:

  • Book club: Members learn faster.
  • Speed Walking club: Members walk speedily.
  • Power-nap club: Members regain energy anywhere.
  • Nature club: Members maintain campus attractiveness.
  • Orb club: Receive money for members recruited but reduces member happiness over time.

Depending on the campus and your current objectives, some clubs are better than others. For example, while the Orb club has some adverse side effects on overall happiness, the membership money you get for every recruit adds up, making times when you’re in dire need of cash just that little bit easier.

Two Point Campus guide: a staff member is being trained in a Training Pod, which is a giant contraption with a big brain in the centre.

Train your staff so they get promotions and your students can get better grades

Later in the campaign, your students may find it harder to get high grades. Part of the reason for this is because your teachers don’t have a high enough skill level in their subject. We also recommend that some of your teachers become proficient in private tutoring to help those struggling to meet a passing grade and have the Inspirational Speaking skill, so they have a chance to motivate their students.

It’s not just teachers, though, as training assistants and janitors in specialised areas make them better at those tasks. All staff members get promotions the higher their rank in any one of these skills:

  • Level 4 – Senior Teacher / Senior Assistant / Senior Janitor
  • Level 7 – Professor / Campus Manager / Groundskeeper

Just make sure that once they finish their training, you increase their wages by clicking on their staff page and drag the wage bar to a level they are happy with, as happy staff members are likely to stay in your institution.

As a side note, you should also make your training room large enough to accommodate at least two training pods, even if it takes a while to buy that second machine.

Two Point Campus guide: a research machine with many screens, buttons, and joysticks.

Research item upgrades to support your teachers and students

Sometimes it’s not the teacher’s fault that your students are failing. They say a bad workman blames his tools, but in truth, this could be the source of your problems. You can upgrade lecterns and a handful of specialist room items without needing a researcher, though each upgrade is relatively expensive and requires janitors to make the necessary adjustments.

Some Two Point Campus upgrades are available in the Research Lab, so have a dedicated teacher with a high research skill plod away while you manage the rest of the academy.

Two Point Campus guide: a Crazy Taxi High Roller arcade cabinet next to a dart board and a bar in the Student Union building.

Save your Kudosh for when it matters

You can check out our guide on how to get more Two Point Campus Kudosh if you’re running a bit short, but the main takeaway is to be stingy with it. When playing the first few levels in the campaign, only greenlight a request if it helps students with their assignments or has a low Kudosh cost to make them available to you. Since Kudosh carries over between levels, you’re in no rush to unlock everything at once.

Now that you’re armed with these tips and tricks in our Two Point Campus guide, you should have no trouble making the best academic institutions in the land. Of course, if you enjoy this game and haven’t played Two Point Hospital, you’re likely to have a similarly good time, but do check out the best management games if you’d instead like to manage theme parks, zoos, factories, or even entire planets.