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How to raise Two Point Campus grades

In this course, we’ll teach you how to improve your students’ average Two Point Campus grades by enhancing your teaching staff and upgrading equipment

Two Point Campus grades: several fully trained chefs have graduated from college and have the cardboard hats to prove it.

When trying to raise the average Two Point Campus grades across your school, there are many things to consider. If you find many of your undergrads are failing their course in this management game, what is the main cause? Sometimes it’s an individual issue with a particular student that you need to address, but more often than not, the issue is more widespread among the student body.

A great way of diagnosing the problems is to hover the mouse over any grade-based objective, which reveals at least seven factors that will affect your students’ average Two Point Campus grades. You need to ensure that you have enough highly trained faculty, a pleasant environment, and top-notch facilities to boost their learning power. If you’re looking for details on how to increase Two Point Campus happiness or attractiveness then we’ve got you covered, but there are plenty of other ways you can help your students reach their learning potential.

Two Point Campus grades: a janitor is using a blowtorch on a lectern while a teacher is giving a talk about clown shoes.

How to increase your average Two Point Campus grades

Firstly, let’s tackle the course itself. By default, you should always have all of the rooms your course needs for its entire duration. You should always have a view of what you need at the beginning of every year in the objectives tab on the right side of the main screen. However, if you want to have the details in advance, there is a way you can find the specific requirements.

Go into the ‘course management’ screen and click on the two cogs beside a subject – this takes you to the ‘edit course’ screen. Then click on the tab labelled with the book with a check mark inside. This window is your course overview which lists how long your course takes to finish, how difficult it is for your students to learn, and the individual classes that make up the course. The icons to the left are the rooms you need to make.

Two Point Campus grades: a teacher is looking quizzically at a giant brain inside a machine.

The second most important factor is the quality of your teaching staff. Now you could just hire the best teachers and fire those who aren’t pulling their weight, but this takes a lot of effort and there’s a far more ethical way to achieve this. Building a Training Lab allows you to send staff to learn new skills or get better ranks in the ones they already have, in exchange for a small cash sum and several in-game days of that staff member’s time. You’ll soon have an objectively better teacher who’s able to convey their knowledge in ways their class understands and cares about. Each staff member has three slots and our top recommendations for which ones your teachers should have are:

  • Their chosen subject
  • Research or Private Tuition (this depends on where you want them to spend the majority of their time)
  • Happy Thoughts (if a Researcher) or Inspirational Speaking (if they specialise in Private Tuition)

As you train them, you’ll automatically promote them to Senior Teacher after they get their fourth skill point, and Professor after their seventh skill point, so make sure you increase their pay to keep them around. You can do this by clicking on that teacher in the Staff List and adjusting the bar underneath their salary. Also, while they’re training, ensure you have enough teaching cover from other lecturers until they’re finished.

Don’t forget about staff happiness, as this affects their performance too. Build at least one or two staff rooms and kit them out with plenty of fun things for the teachers to do and vending machines so they can eat. Placing bathrooms near them also satisfies their hygiene needs.

Two Point Campus grades: a teacher is writing on a blackboard in an empty Private Tutor Room.

By researching the best Two Point Campus upgrades, you can also have your janitors make the necessary modifications to get newer versions for some objects within the teaching rooms, such as the lectern in any lecture theatre. With better teaching equipment, your faculty can get their points through to their students better. To upgrade an object, click it and look for the upgrade button. It’s the one with the cog and the upwards facing arrow on the right side of the window. Note that you can also upgrade your Training Pods and Research Labs to operate faster.

If some students are still struggling with the curriculum and there’s no other apparent cause for their poor grades, they may need one-to-one time with a tutor. It’s best to build at least three Private Tuition Rooms in the smallest universities wherever possible as there can be big queues outside each room. As long as all of your non-researcher teachers have the Private Tuition skill and there are more teachers than lecture theatres and Private Tuition Rooms, you should have more than enough cover. Once you have these facilities set up, click the ‘personnel management’ button at the bottom left before clicking on the ‘students’ tab (it’s the one with three heads). If you then click the ‘grade’ column header twice, it’ll show the students with the lowest grades first. You can then examine the stats of each failing student and send them to a Private Tuition Room by clicking on the button to the bottom right of the student overview.

Once you’ve sorted out the teaching side of things, your average Two Point Campus grades should go up. But, of course, there are other factors to consider, including knowing when to spend Two Point Campus Kudosh. Check out our beginner’s Two Point Campus guide for a basic overview of the best tips and tricks if you’re just getting started.