How to raise Two Point Campus happiness

Everything you need to know about increasing Two Point Campus happiness, from general needs with the Student Union and clubs to medical and pastoral care

Two Point Campus happiness: several students are sitting on park benches, talking to each other. Happiness bubbles appear over their heads.

Are you looking for ways to raise Two Point Campus happiness for students and staff? If you’re trying to bolster Two Point Campus grades across your college, either your students are collectively unhappy about something, or some of their teachers lack training, have low pay, or have poor working conditions. Thankfully, popping teachers into Training Pods enables them to learn new skills, increases their income when promoted, and as long as you look after staff rooms and bathroom facilities, their needs will be satisfied. However, for the students, this is a bit trickier to solve.

Sometimes, working out how to increase a student or staff member’s happiness is as simple as clicking on them and reading their profile. This may indicate any needs that require intervention to prevent them from dropping out or failing their class. However, as a doctor would probably say, it’s always better to focus on prevention than the cure, and this thinking works to ensure your students have a pleasant time. Even though increasing Two Point Campus attractiveness is one of these factors – our linked guide has more on that front – there are more effective ways to improve student happiness.

How to increase happiness in Two Point Campus

There are four key ways to increase your students’ happiness:

  • Improve their well-being by providing medical and pastoral care.
  • Improve room prestige.
  • Build and promote student clubs.
  • Increase the number of entertainment options available.

Two Point Campus happiness: a wizard is getting some counselling from an assistant inside the Pastoral Support room.

Staff Medical Offices and Pastoral Support rooms to take care of your undergrads

Most courses will inflict some kind of medical or emotional trauma on your students. However, other factors are at play too, such as the number of essential rooms, such as bathrooms and dormitories. For example, if many of your students have a Malodorousness feeling (they smell bad, basically), it’s probably because you don’t have enough shower rooms, bathrooms, or hand sanitisers.

However, the sad truth is that there will be times when you can’t prevent students from getting ill. This can be for a number of reasons, such as invading students hexing them with pumpkinhead spells. By having several Medical Offices and Pastoral Support rooms on campus and a large number of trained assistants though, you should be able to ensure that queuing for medical help won’t be an issue. Ideally, you’ll want to work towards building at least three Medical Offices and Pastoral Support rooms on campus, then employing eight assistants trained in both First Aid and Pastoral Care.

Two Point Campus happiness: a dormitory filled with bookcases, desks, and decorations to make it look nice. Students are sleeping in most of the beds.

Increase a room’s prestige by adding more stuff

Put simply, the bigger the room and the more stuff you have inside, the greater that room’s prestige score. You can use any item to increase this, but generally speaking, the best items are the room-exclusive items such as VR platforms in the VR Lab or analogue computers in the Computer Lab.

This also has the benefit of satisfying coursework or personal goal requests that may appear in your inbox, which you can add to your rooms to improve your student’s grades and happiness. Therefore, it’s worth stocking up on as much Kudosh as possible to unlock new items for your rooms.

Two Point Campus happiness: a line of students are queuing to join the Speed Walking club.

Let your students join clubs to receive bonuses

There are five clubs your students can join, each offering different perks. They are:

  • Book club: Members learn faster.
  • Speed Walking club: Members walk speedily.
  • Power-nap club: Members regain energy anywhere.
  • Nature club: Members maintain campus attractiveness.
  • Orb club: Receive money for members recruited but note this reduces member happiness over time.

Over time, you’ll get requests from club members to build objects on campus so they can increase their level. Doing so will boost the effectiveness of their club’s perk up to a maximum of level 10.

Two Point Campus events: a live band is on a stage playing music. The drum kit is operated by a robot controlled with handlebars. The audience has swots, knights, and poshies.

Build the Student Union to host entertaining events

Students are never completely happy unless they have somewhere to let loose and enjoy themselves – understandable, really. You can do this by building two specific rooms: a moderately sized Student Lounge (six by six squares is optimal) and a Student Union of a decent size, so at the very least it needs to be seven by ten squares.

Following these guidelines gives you the space to fit in plenty of entertainment options, such as arcade cabinets, Fussball tables, dart boards, and other leisure activities in your Student Lounge. Your student union will always have a bar, which you should employ a cheerful assistant to look after, but you can add a stage to this room for live entertainment.

It’s not just the Student Union that can host live events for your undergrads either. Lecture theatres can double up as cinemas, screening different types of films for a short time. Your Student Lounge can also pencil in a party to boost overall morale. The only events that don’t give you a happiness bonus are tournaments at various sports fields, such as the Cheeseball Pitch or the Jousting Field, as the matches are primarily for completing level objectives.

With those tips, you should be well on your way to maximising your institution’s overall happiness. But, if you’re just starting out with this management game, why not check out our Two Point Campus guide for more tips and tricks to run your college effectively?