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98% rated ultra-fast retro FPS updates with bevy of new gun variations

Ultrakill has just received a new update adding a ton of weapon variations, along with a big discount for the current Steam FPS Fest.

98% rated ultra-fast retro FPS updates with bevy of new gun variations: Key art from Ultrakill which shows robot EV-1 blasting away across a red background.

Given how often robots turn against their creators you’d think humanity would learn a lesson or two along the way. In Ultrakill, unfortunately, humanity hasn’t learned a single thing. The robots are out there and they’re hungry for our blood, so much so they’re positively dripping with it. This ultra-fast boomer shooter puts you in the position of showing these robots who’s boss, and it just got a big update along with a discount.

Not content with wiping out all of humanity, in Ultrakill these soggy machines have descended into hell to get their blood fix. Thankfully you’re there to put an end to their ichor-fueled rampage, violently, if possible. Entering Steam Early Access back in 2020, Ultrakill has gone on to become one of the most enduringly popular FPS games around, with over 95,000 reviews earning it a 98% ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ rating on the platform.

That rating is due to the incredibly frenetic and tight gunplay the game offers. Ultrakill excels when you’re going fast, blasting down waves of robots, leaping around its levels, and sucking up blood to fuel your health and stay in the fight longer. There’s little downtime in Ultrakill, and similar to games like Devil May Cry or Bulletstorm, it constantly rates you on your combat performance. Do well and you’ll earn enough points to unlock more weapon variations, meaning you’re always on the lookout for ways to improve your robot-killing ways.

A screenshot from Ultrakill which shows an Egyptian-themed level, a robot is running right at the player and the game's UI indicates that they have just pulled off a headshot.

To coincide with the currently-running Steam FPS Fest, developer Arsi ‘Hakita’ Patala has put together a brand new update for the game. Called the Full Arsenal Update, it adds what appears to be the final weapon variations to the game. The Firestarter red Rocket Launcher, JumpStart red Nailgun, and Sawed-on red Shotgun variations are now all available to unlock and blast away with in-game. In addition, there’s a new secret level and a brand new Brutal difficulty to really test your combat skills against.

You’ll also find a ton of bugfixes, changes to enemy behaviors and level layouts, and a few quality-of-life features such as the ability to change the volume of sound effects in-game and if you want sound to be muffled when you’re underwater.

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Four years on, Ultrakill is still going strong and this update, along with the current discount, has seen the game’s concurrent player count hit its second-highest peak. Rarely discounted, Ultrakill is currently 25% off until Monday, April 22, making it an appealing time to jump in and give the robot hordes what for.

You can check out the full patch notes on Steam right now. There’s a lot on offer during the Steam FPS Fest, so be sure to check it out.

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