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Undawn codes December 2023

Use the latest Undawn codes to earn free silver, silicone carbide, and outfits for this zombie-filled, cross-platform apocalypse adventure.

Undawn codes: first-person view of someone opening fire on a horde of zombies.

August 9, 2023: We have added one new Undawn code to our list and confirmed the ones we have still work.

What are the new Undawn codes? These freebie codes should make the task of surviving a zombie apocalypse a little less daunting. The shambling horrors of the game can easily swarm the town, overwhelming you and your squad. And if you’re struggling to procure the necessary provisions like food and ammo between battles, these redeemable items might save your virtual life.

Undawn is unique as a survival zombie game purely for its multi-platform standpoint. It’s available on both PC and mobile, giving you the opportunity to take your chances in a world overrun by the undead no matter where you are. And because it’s designed with phones in mind, it’s well-optimized for even older PCs. For something similar to play purely on your main machine, check out DBD codes or our list of the best survival games right now.

New Undawn codes

Here are the latest Undawn codes:

  • UndawnBEST – 2,000x silver and 150x bullet casings (NEW)
  • UndawnLAUNCH – 2,000x silver and 5x silicon carbide particles (Lv.1).
  • UndawnGIFT – 1,000x wood, 500x stone, and 30x plant fibers.
  • UndawnVIP – 5x alloy reinforcement coatings and 300x tactical gears.
  • Undawn888 – 5x cans, 10x simple bandages, and 5x antibodies.
  • undawn0615 – Cargo Dream Set (7D) outfit
  • undawnpreregister – Scarlet R700 Finish weapon skin

Expired codes

  • ParticlesUndawnBEST

When entering Undawn codes, make sure they’re typed in exactly as they appear on the list above. They’re all tried and tested, and any slight deviation will be the difference between you getting your rewards and going back to base with nothing.

We don’t expect these Undawn codes to last very long. To avoid any issues, copy and paste the codes above rather than manually typing them out. Just watch for any spaces on either side that may work their way into the pasted text.

Screenshot of the Undawn codes redemption screen.

How do I use Undawn codes?

Though the Undawn UI looks similar to other shooter titles from Lightspeed Studios and its partners, you won’t be able to skip ahead and find the Undawn codes button as soon as you create your account.

To use Undawn codes, you need to reach level ten. You can do this relatively quickly by just following along with the main storyline. Once you’ve done that, you should unlock the Perks option, which you will find on the options menu in the top-right area of the screen. From there, you’ll need to scroll up to find the Redemption Center tab. Click it, then paste your Undawn code.

Do this each time for every unredeemed code for Undawn you’re currently sitting on, and you should find the rewards in your in-game mailbox. You can find this by clicking the Friends tab at the bottom left of the screen, then clicking the letter on the right side of the screen that pops up.

How do I get more Undawn codes?

Undawn has a very active Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter presence, making those pages likely spots for new Undawn codes to drop. It’s normal for these kinds of games to drop far more codes in the first few weeks than they will in the weeks and months that follow, so setting up notifications for them will likely end up annoying you with unnecessary pings. To avoid that, just trust us to add them to our list as they drop.

Over time, the Undawn team may hand unique codes out as competition rewards as well. These probably won’t work if shared around, but it’s always worth a shot if you can get your hands on them. Single-person codes are typically dished out to the winner of a competition directly, so unless you happen to be one (or know someone who is), you’ll have a hard time coming across these.

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