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Stellar vampire survival game continues Steam climb after 1.0 launch

With V Rising 1.0 finally here, the vampire survival game is set for a new peak player count, as it continues to crush it on Steam.

V Rising 1.0 players

Now that V Rising 1.0 has arrived, it’s time to take on the world’s most famous vampire in the survival game. With plenty of new features like an extra region to explore, more weapons to use against the undead, and new difficulty options, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing the popularity of V Rising increase after Steam Early Access. In fact, the game’s doing so well that it’s on track to demolish its previous max concurrent player count.

If you fancy yourself a Dracula killer, V Rising tasks you with hunting for blood to upgrade your stats while you venture forth in the hope of finding materials and better equipment to build your own castle and fight myriad bosses. The RPG also has plenty of vampire-specific mechanics too, so make sure you’ve got a steady supply of blood and stay out of the sun, and maybe don’t eat garlic bread either.

With the 1.0 launch finally here, the early access journey is at an end, making now the perfect time to join in. As you can see in the SteamDB chart below, V Rising is well-poised to beat its all-time Steam Early Access peak of around 150,000 concurrent players, as we’re already at 132,724. This is more than double what we reported when V Rising 1.0 launched, so it likely won’t be long now.

V Rising 1.0 players: a SteamDB chart showing V Rising player numbers

The full launch of V Rising comes with plenty to sink your teeth into as well. There’s the new zone of Mortium, brand new dynamic events, new bosses and enemies, difficulties to choose from, and more weapons and magic to try out.

There’s a new bow and whip, which feels very Castlevania, and the land of Mortia is overcast by an eternal night filled with the legions of Dracula, if you can manage them. Caravans roam the land and offer quick supplies of blood and loot, with a new light engine giving their trade routes much better visuals. There are three new difficulties in Relaxed, Standard, and Brutal, if you want to make V Rising more (or less) of a challenge.

You’ll also have to contend with Dracula himself, of course, as you’ll ride into Mortium, storm the vampire’s castle, and finally defeat history’s greatest tyrant once and for all. No pressure, okay?

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There’s currently a 10% off sale for V Rising to celebrate the full launch, so expect to pay $31.49 / £26.55 until Wednesday May 22. You can find it right here.

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