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How to get V Rising leather and make a tannery

Everything you need to know about making leather in V Rising, a newly released vampire survival open-world game that’s taking Steam by the neck

A vampire wearing leather in V Rising faces off against some villagers

Want to know how to make leather in V Rising? This new open-world vampire survival game is already off to an impressive start on Steam, and plenty of newcomers want to know the all important questions – such as how to make fancy leather pants.

In all seriousness, like most crafting games of this nature, your progression through the various tiers of item quality are gated behind quests or other obstacles, and V Rising leather is no different. Remember Valheim? While you don’t have to go off and find a hulking frost giant to get your leather, you do sadly have to kill someone. Apparently only one person in this gothic fantasy land knows the secrets of suede…

As long as you follow the tutorial and complete all of the starting quests, you won’t have much else to do to make leather. The key thing is to make sure you construct the Blood Altar in your V Rising base. This device lets you hunt down specific boss enemies that possess ‘V blood’, and it’s something the tutorial naturally steers you towards. Once built, you’re looking for one specific enemy to unlock the leather-clad utopia you so desire.

To make leather in V Rising, you need to construct a Tannery. You can only build tanneries after you have defeated Keely the Frost Archer.

You can track her down via the Blood Altar. Once defeated, you unlock the Tannery building, the recipe for leather, and a few other items that require leather to craft. Here are some specific costs to keep note of:

  • A Tannery costs eight planks and 160 animal hides to construct
  • A single piece of leather requires 16 animal hides

That’s everything you need to know about making leather in V Rising. For more tips, check out our V Rising guide for beginners or our rundown of everything you need to know about V Rising blood essence. We’ve got a list of other excellent vampire games and open-world games, if you’re looking for other similar experiences to scratch that itch. Although, that could just be the leather.