Valheim Ashlands update is spoiler-filled, but we know you’re curious

A new Valheim Ashlands update from developer Iron Gate Studio is packed with spoilers for the upcoming biome overhaul coming to the co-op Viking survival game.

Valheim Ashlands update - a Charred, a skeletal humanoid soldier with blackened bones and glowing red eyes

Wanting another peek at the Valheim Ashlands update? Developer Iron Gate Studio delivers, but warns that this one delves a little deeper into spoiler territory with a look at some vehicles, creatures, and enemies coming as part of the update. Nevertheless, it’s nothing too dramatic, and we know fans of the co-op Viking survival game can’t resist a little tease (you’re already here, after all), so here’s the latest on the new Valheim biome.

Remember that Valheim vehicle teaser from a couple of weeks ago? It’s real, and Iron Gate reveals that it’s closely tied to the ‘Fortress time’ that it had been previously teasing about the biome. What we have here, then, are ‘sturdy siege engines’ that you’ll need to breach the Ashlands fortresses and tackle the monsters you’ll encounter within.

“It won’t just be the fortresses themselves that are challenging,” Iron Gate teases. “We’ve already shown you some concept art of the Charred a while ago, as well as some earlier models of the Fallen Valkyrie, but now we want to show you their current state.”

Valheim Ashlands update - the Seige Engine, the Fallen Valkyrie, the Charred, and new outfits coming in Hildir's Quest

The Fallen Valkyrie in particular is a particularly terrifying creature, with its volcanic body, long, slender wings, and skeletal head bearing two tiny, piercing red eyes. Certainly not something I’d want to be on the wrong side of. The Charred, meanwhile, are skeletal humanoid warriors with a fire in their heart that bring swords to battle, providing what might feel a bit more akin to a PvP fight but against a crispy husk.

The spoilers go even deeper (just in case you decide that’s enough for now), as Iron Gate gives us an in-game glimpse of one of the most terrifying Ashlands creatures so far – the Bonemaw Serpent, a giant, skeletal snake that patrols the waters of the Ashlands. It’s unclear whether it’ll be actively hostile towards players as standard, but it certainly looks dangerous. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

Valheim Ashlands update - wide shot of the ocean under a red sky; a giant bone serpent with glowing yellow eyes swims just under the water's surface

Iron Gate also updates players on the upcoming Valheim Hildir’s Quest update, which it says should hit the public test branch “in the next month or two.” This smaller update still looks to be pretty packed with things to do, including mini-bosses, the introduction of Valheim difficulty settings, and some rather fashionable clothing to earn; albeit ones that “will not be all that easy to obtain.”

Our Valheim progression guide will make sure you’re geared up and ready for the next update. If you’re eager for more to keep you busy until then, the best Valheim mods offer plenty of fun additions, or you could play around with Valheim cheats and console commands – just remember, it’s hard to put the dragon back in the box once you take it out.