Valheim building set to get way easier with snapping update

Valheim building looks set to get easier as the viking survival game’s lead developer tests out a snapping tool aimed at helping builders to build precisely.

Valheim building update - a character with a hefty ginger beard standing in a forest, wearing a crow-feather cloak and holding up a torch

A useful tweak to Valheim building looks set to make putting together the perfect house, dock, bridge, or other construction of your choice easier than ever. A lead developer on the viking survival game shares a look at the new manual snapping tool he’s testing, asking fans whether it’s something they’d like to see added in a future Valheim update.

Iron Gate senior developer Jonathan Smårs shares a video of the new manual build piece snapping on Twitter. He says the feature is designed “to solve the age-old problem of building floor supports, etc.” The 50-second clip gives a look at the feature in action, with various settings that the player can toggle between to change how building pieces behave when placed near pre-existing structures and component parts.

This change looks to be a huge quality-of-life improvement for quickly managing your Valheim builds. Simply put, instead of pieces auto-snapping to nearby objects in the world and jumping somewhat awkwardly between potential snap points, you can toggle between the possible snapping options. As a simple example, when fixing a long length of wood to a platform, you can toggle which end is prioritised – meaning you can easily decide whether you want it going up above, or fixed underneath as a support.

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The tool appears to adapt dynamically depending on the piece you’re using – so stone bricks, for example, have eight different connection points that you can toggle between. This should make it vastly more straightforward to quickly place objects exactly where you want them. Additionally, it’s a huge boon when building around or over water, as you can easily place objects under your current structure without having to get underneath it.

Smårs explains that the current implementation simply changes the centre of rotation from the middle of an object to its corners (or ends), locking snapping to that point. He adds that by holding shift players can place it from the currently selected focus point without snapping being enabled. He doesn’t confirm if or when the feature is actually coming to Valheim, but it seems pretty likely from the enthusiastic community response that we can expect it to arrive in a future update eventually.

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