Want to take Valheim ore through a portal? The devs are open to the idea

Valheim's portal ore restrictions "changed many times during development", and might change again

Three Vikings in Valheim staring into a portal

Valheim is still in Early Access, which means pretty much everything in the game is subject to change. Broadly, players are happy with the state of the game – just look at those player counts – but there’s one extremely specific complaint that keeps coming up: You can’t take ore through portals. The devs say this particular design decision isn’t set in stone, however.

The ability to take ore through portals “is something that has changed many times during development,” Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson tells us in an interview. “I won’t make any judgement calls as to whether we will change it again or not, but we are listening to community feedback.”

In Valheim, you can eventually build portals to instantly teleport from place to place, but you can’t use them if you have ore in your inventory. Since valuable ore deposits are spread out all over the map, and since precious metal is so heavy while you’re carrying it, that means you’ve got to construct big supply lines to effectively move ore from place to place.

That forces you to use a whole lot more of the game’s transport options than you might otherwise need to, which is fun! But it’s also a seemingly arbitrary restriction to keep you from getting from place to place in the most obvious way possible, which is frustrating.

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We’ve barely even gotten started on the Valheim roadmap, so there’s plenty of room for changes. Don’t be surprised if further updates make it easier for you to get those Valheim bronze ingredients out of the Black Forest.