Valheim update aims to fix cloud saves and add Maypoles

The next Valheim update, patch 0.209.5, is currently available on the public test branch, and should fix the issue with cloud saves and lost progress

Valheim update save file fix: A wooden house in Valheim displays a trans pride flag as two Vikings sit outside together on the porch.

The next Valheim update should prevent players from losing progress thanks to a pesky bug with Steam Cloud saving. Patch 0.208.5, which is now available on the Viking game’s public test branch, adds a workaround and failsafe system to keep your save files safe, even when you’re playing multiple Valheim accounts on the same PC. The patch also introduces some festive new Midsummer content, so start weaving some flower crowns now.

Developer Iron Gate explains that players – especially players who were using multiple accounts on a single PC – have run into issues with losing progress thanks to a bug with Steam Cloud saves. To address this, the devs say they’re creating some new folders for Cloud and local save files.

Once this new patch arrives on the main branch, cloud saves will be stored in Steam’s userdata folder. Save files for dedicated servers and multi-account PCs have a new save file location: folder labelled ‘_local’ that’s next to the old save file folder. Old saves will remain in that old save folder, but no new saves will be stored there. Iron Gate says that when you start an old local save with cloud saving enabled from now on, the old local file will be moved to the cloud, and a local backup will be created.

With Midsummer coming up, Iron Gate is also adding Maypoles, flower crowns, and new summery banner colours to Valheim.

The patch also includes a Unity version update that should reduce crashing, and tamed animals will now follow you into Haldor’s forcefield.

You can read the full patch notes on Steam. The patch will no doubt hit the main branch soon, but for now you can try it out early by opening Valheim’s Steam settings, clicking ‘properties,’ and selecting Betas. Type the code ‘yesimadebackups‘ (without the inverted commas) into the field there, and you’ll be able to select the Public Test Branch from the list of options in the menu. Once the game has updated, you’ll be able to take the next patch out for a test drive.

As the code suggests, Iron Gate says that while this patch is meant to fix save files, you’ll want to manually create a backup of any existing save files before opting into the beta.