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Valorant UI sparks backlash, and Riot is considering changing it

Valorant’s brand new UI received a mixed response from the community, and now Riot is considering tweaks to make it more accessible.

Valorant UI backlash: Jett on Valorant's new agent screen

Valorant patch 5.08 was a big one. Harbor made a grand entrance all the way from India in a new, much cleaner UI. However, most players weren’t pleased with the new interface, some even calling it a downgrade from the iconic Project: A menus. The good thing is that Riot Games was listening, and it’s now considering a cleanup.

After a mixed player response, Riot has decided to go back to the UI and make its FPS more user-friendly.

“What we are seeing is that maybe the updated navigation scheme adds a few more steps than you’d like. So, for now, we are planning on a change for patch 5.10 that will restore most of the more convenient one-click access to menus around the game until we can work to build the best long-term navigation update,” Riot Zulu said in a forum thread.

The new Valorant UI is clean, clutter-free, and stylish. But, getting to the career screen and more in-game menus has become much more complicated. Unlike before, players must navigate through at least one more screen to get to their desired menu. It’s not convenient for players used to a simpler interface.

Previously, all in-game menus were a click away, and while the new interface appears simpler, it’s actually a bit more complex. But, Riot has taken community response into consideration and will be making changes accordingly. The developer isn’t revamping the whole thing but is willing to simplify the current menu. Meaning players will have simpler navigation on the same clean UI and colour scheme.

Valorant Patch 5.08 changes were the first step in an iterative process, so the tweaks might keep coming until Riot reaches the ideal result. For now, simplification of the current menu is the primary goal, according to Zulu.

It’s unknown when these changes will be implemented, but it might be a while. Valorant episode 6 act 1 will likely roll in with an improved interface and navigation experience along with the new Valorant Premier mode. But these are all speculations and should be taken with a grain of salt.