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How to create your custom Valorant badge

Wondering how to create your custom Valorant badge to flex on friends and foes alike? Here's a rundown of how to get a snazzy new badge in Riot's FPS game

How to create your custom Valorant badge: Valorant agent Harbor in new badge stats

Valorant players take their ranked games seriously, and when they play exceptionally well, they want the stats to speak for it. Riot’s recent update to the FPS game‘s UI made in-game stats more prominent. Now, the developer is letting the winners wear their K/Ds proudly. New Valorant badges are perfect for players who want to flex clean scores.

My Valorant Badge is a new trend kickstarted by Riot that lets players find detailed ratings on each agent. The stylish emblems include rank, damage, agent win rate, headshot accuracy, and K/D. If yours is presentable, you can download the badge and post it to social profiles for the world to admire. 

To get your custom badge, you must have played Valorant in the past month. Additionally, you can only get stats for agents you have run actively in competitive games. For example, Breach’s badge would be restricted if he wasn’t part of your active duty in the last 30 days. Finally, the game will only tally numbers for agents that were played enough on the connected Valorant ID. 

It’s worth noting that sweaty ranked demons can open up badges for as many agents as they want if they have enough playtime on each character. There’s no restriction, which is why this trend is popping up among dedicated Valorant players!

If you think your stats on a particular agent are worth showing off, go ahead and get your Valorant badge by following these steps: 

  • Go to the My Valorant Badge page
  • Click on the red ‘Get Your Badge’ icon
  • Log in with your active Valorant ID
  • Click on Continue
  • Select your most played agent
  • Next, pick your favourite colour scheme 
  • Click on ‘Save and Continue’

Once you have finalized your badge, Riot will automatically prepare assets for you to share on your favourite platforms. The best part? You can create as many as 21 badges. 

Voila! Your Valorant badge is ready to be shared with friends. You can also hop on this trend to just analyse and observe your stats for each character. It’s an excellent way to determine which agent has helped you win the most matches. 

Stats aren’t all you can keep track of in Valorant. You can also see how much money you’ve spent on Valorant to avoid splurging on skins aimlessly. If you’ve been spending a lot, it’s worth waiting for Valorant Night Market 2022 to get skins at a lower price.