Valorant Champions event adds sick knife skin, stacked battle pass

The Valorant Champions event adds a whole slew of VCT-themed cosmetics, but Riot Games has outdone itself with the stunning new Phantom and knife skins

Valorant Champions event adds Phantom and Knife skins: VCT skins

The Valorant Champions event is an annual treat for fans of Riot Games’ flagship FPS game, gifting players free VCT-themed loot and a new, exclusive skin. This time around the Phantom and knife are getting two amazing cosmetics, and the game’s maps are also getting spruced up in true Champions style.

If there’s one thing I have always regretted, it’s not buying the Champions Vandal during the Valorant Champions event in 2021. Ever since then, hordes of fans (self included) have been waiting for the 2022 iteration of the VCT skin, saving up their VP for the moment it goes on sale.

That moment has finally arrived. This year we’re getting a Phantom and knife skin, as well as a plethora of additional cosmetics to go with them. There’s the free event pass to level through, and even the in-game maps are getting a fresh lick of black and gold paint.

Looking to check out all of the new VCT gear? Here’s a rundown of the Valorant Champions event for 2022.

Valorant Champions event adds Phantom and Knife skins: Free VCT event pass and skin bundle rewards with trophy spray and gun buddy

Valorant Champions Phantom and knife skins

As with the 2021 iteration of the event, there’s an all new purchasable skin bundle for those looking to celebrate in style. These cosmetics are event exclusives (with 50% of proceeds going towards the participating teams), so they will not return in the Valorant Night Market, and will only be available for purchase between August 23 – September 21 at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm BST / 11pm CEST / 7am AEST.

The Phantom is equipped with custom firing audio, model changes, and two additions to the champions aura (a feature which makes the gun glow when you top frag). The new system sees the aura’s colour change every five kills, maxing out at 25.

An easter egg will also trigger on the knife when you hit 25 kills, so the two make the perfect duo. Both can be seen in the image above, alongside the other cosmetics you’ll get if you buy the full bundle.

Valorant Champions Event Phantom knife skin event battle pass: VCT event pass rewards showing Jett spray, a player card, and a dad hat gun buddy

Valorant Champions event pass

For those who aren’t looking to splash the cash, there’s also a free event pass to level through. It has seven different stages, meaning there’s a whole slew of new goodies to add to your inventory.

This also runs from August 23 – September 21 at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm BST / 11pm CEST / 7am AEST.

Stage Reward
1 ‘Jett Diff’ spray
2 ‘Gamer’ title
3 10 radianite points
4 ‘NICE!’ player card
5 ‘Potato’ title
6 10 radianite points
7 ‘Champions 2022 dad hat’ gun buddy

Planning to pick up the Valorant Champions skin bundle? Make sure you have the best Valorant crosshair you possibly can so that you can show off that champions aura. You may also want to have a quick scan of our Valorant tier list to see which Agents will be dominating during the tournament.