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New Valorant crosshair colours for each map will change your life

Valorant crosshair colours have been the talk of the town since patch 5.04, and one fan has managed to discover which shade is best for each map

Valorant crosshair colour: Phoenix wears a pained expression

Valorant crosshair colours have been the main topic of conversation since Riot added custom hues to the FPS game. The move was a long-awaited addition as hardcore fans of the game had been asking for the implementation of custom crosshairs since the game dropped over two years ago.

As with any major gameplay alteration to Valorant, its massive fanbase quickly moved to discover the best Valorant crosshairs and codes to climb the ranked play. However, one fan decided to take things to the next level and conduct a statistical analysis to find out which crosshair colour is the most optimal for each map.

Reddit user Useewhynot explained how they gathered data from each map to determine the most optimal crosshair colour: “I recorded myself in a custom game lobby looking at every angle I could think of on every map (except Split RIP) and wrote a Python script to look through that video find the best crosshair colour for me.”

They found through their research that cyan and blue were very popular colours, favoured on maps like Ascent, Bind, Breeze, Fracture, and Haven. The two shades of blue dominated nearly every map, although they found that on Icebox and Pearl, yellow and red seemed to be more efficient.

Useewhynot also shared tons of details on exactly how they uploaded the data to Python for the programmer Valorant players who inquired. Useewhynot also encouraged fans of the game to conduct their own research and uploaded a repository on Github with a guide and the script they used.

With Episode 5 Act 2 underway, Valorant players are still grinding the ranked ladder and attempting to find the best Valorant crosshair colours and codes. Hopefully, other players can take the initial research from the Reddit user and expand on the project.