Valorant Cypher mains imagine reworked ultimate

Cypher has fallen off hard in Valorant’s Episode 5 Act 2, and one dedicated player has imagined a reworked version of his ultimate to restore his popularity

Valorant Cypher ultimate fan rework: Cypher holds a silenced pistol and wears a white broad-brimmed hat and white jacket over a dark costume that's topped off by a face-concealing bandanna

Despite being one of the multiplayer game’s original and most adored agents, Valorant’s Cypher has fallen off massively in popularity. The Moroccan Sentinel was once at the top of the meta for the FPS game, controlling points with his nearly unrivaled vision ability Spycam and Trapwire, but since the release of so many new Valorant characters with stronger kits like Fade and Chamber, he’s taken quite a tumble downward. It’s enough that some Cypher players have been cooking up reworked skills to restore his lost popularity.

Cypher sports the second lowest pick rate in ranked mode for Episode 5 Act 2 according to the stat tracking site, just barely above Astra. His win rate is also just a notch above Astra’s at a measly 34.1%. Now, Cypher mains have seemingly had enough of toiling away in obscurity, and one Reddit user took matters into their own hands and devised a rework of their ultimate ability, Neural Theft, to give it a bit more power.

The way Neural Theft works now is, when charged, Cypher can focus on a dead enemy player in his crosshair and reveal the location of all living enemy players. Reddit user Virtual_Attitude550 shared their idea for a new way the Sentinel’s ultimate could work to the Valorant subreddit. They said, “After 2 seconds delay, Cypher will reveal all enemies within 40 meters of himself. Their aura is shown to your whole team for 4 seconds (it’s aura so that means it reveals them fully for the whole duration – including what they are doing).”

Cypher Ult rework idea from VALORANT

This new version of Cypher’s ultimate ability would be quite powerful if implemented, and many users in the comment section shared thoughtful feedback. One user said, “That would be a little too good because that’s just continuous wall-hacks for 4 seconds. A little bit too op.”

Another added, “I think it would be enough to reveal the enemies for 2 seconds (similar to a tag), so we can see a bit of movement. Another cool thing would be a real dart tag, so the enemies have to press and hold F to remove it.”

While Cypher could be considered a bit overpowered if Virtual Attitude’s ultimate was implemented, many Valorant faithful agree that Cypher could use some buffs, and targeting his ultimate is quite a good idea.

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