Valorant gets a new line of stylish weapon skins called EGO by OneTap

The EGO skins are designed to be an "exploration into real-world style" using Valorant weapons

There’s a new line of Valorant weapon skins coming out, and it’s all about looking as cool as possible. EGO by OneTap is a collection of swish-looking patterns and colour selections that add a hip, modern look to your Valorant weapons.

The sizzle line for the skins says they’re designed “for those gamers who play with style, care about expression, and want to become showstoppers”, and that the line draws from current styles and colourways to “eliminate any distractions of alt fantasies to put you front and center.”

We’re not sure about all that, but the skins definitely look cool. Each design comes with a base design and three colour variants that range from an official-looking gold-accented black-on-white design to a more informal mint and lilac. The skins are available for the Ghost, Stinger, Guardian, and Vandal, as well as for the melee knife. The product description says they represent “Valorant’s exploration into real-world style,” and the designs themselves feature the slogan “Unstoppable” emblazoned on the sides of certain weapons. The patterns feature sharp lines of contrast and bold colour blocks, accented with thin web-like strands in key areas.

Here are a few examples:

Now for the tough news: each new weapon skin runs 1,775 VP, or about $17.75 USD or £17. Melee costs 3,550 (about $35.50 / £32), and the full bundle is 7,100 ($71 / £67.50).

That’s about in line with what Valorant skin sets usually run for, so experienced players probably won’t be in for any sticker shock. The bundle also includes a OneTap player card, spray, and gun buddy.