Valorant Harbor is “not that busted,” says Twitch streamer shroud

Valorant Harbor is the talk of Riot Games' FPS right now, but Twitch streamer and Sentinels player shroud isn't that impressed by the Indian controller agent

Valorant Harbor is "not that busted," says Twitch streamer shroud: A dark haired man with glasses looks at a monitor side on wearing a red Sentinels team jersey

Harbor’s release has divided Valorant players. One half of them swears Harbor is slated for big nerfs in the FPS game‘s next patch, and others believe he’s not all that powerful. The water-bender is currently under the community’s microscope, tearing his toolkit limb from limb. But is he actually that OP? Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek doesn’t think so.

Professional Valorant player for Sentinels and Twitch streamer shroud is an FPS legend. His long history in shooter titles has added tons of weight to his opinions about game mechanics, new agents, and the meta. He recently tested Harbor’s toolkit and concluded that the Indian fugitive in Riot’s FPS is pretty well-balanced and can be countered easily.

According to shroud, Harbor’s abilities aren’t “that busted,” despite his bullet-blocking orb.

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“I actually don’t think he’s that busted. When I heard about what he does, I thought he was busted, but he doesn’t seem that bad. He seems good, but he isn’t that insane. He’s what we needed, a replacement for Viper,” shroud said.

While testing the agent, shroud was super impressed by the bullet-proof bubble that lasts almost 14 seconds. The globe of Harbor’s makeshift smoke swallows shots, which is something no other controller can do. But shroud was quickly informed that approximately 13 Vandal bullets could destroy the globe. Besides this ability, the rest of Harbor’s kit is an amalgam of existing powers in Valorant, which is why shroud thinks he’s not that OP. At best, Harbor adds variety to the controller roster, becoming a decent alternative for Viper, shroud concludes.

The rest of his kit, High Tide and Cascade, is pretty similar to Viper’s abilities. An oceanic tide goes up, blocking the site and slowing whoever dares to pass through it. However, Harbor’s ult is quite impressive. Not only does it concusses the enemies, but it also marks their position.

Shroud has given his verdict, but Valorant players are still unsure how they feel about the post-plant meta-killer, AKA Cove. While destructible, the bullet-proof bubble is still pretty powerful in fast-paced games. Rest assured, all doubts will be cleared once Harbor hops into competitive mode on October 18.

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