Valorant player wows Riot with over 8,000 spike plants

Valorant players known as 'spike carriers' are finally getting the acknowledgement they deserve after a player plants the spike for more than 8,000 times

Valorant player wows Riot with wild spike plant stats: Valorant agents guarding the Spike from cinematics

Valorant ranked matches are cut-throat, purely centred on aim placement, team play, and guts to break into the red zone. But less heroic tasks like healing other Valorant players, smoking entrances, and planting the spike are just as crucial to winning a game. Unfortunately, spike carriers and their bravado often go unnoticed in Valorant.

Spike activation often falls onto the shoulder of those who bottom frag, but it still contributes to the team win. Carrying the bomb while dodging danger and planting within the line of sight can be testing in pressurised situations, but ace spike carriers know the drill all too well. While most players skirt away from the duty, some are bold enough to take up the task, and not just once – in fact, more than 8,000 times. 

Thanks to a player who has dedicated his ranked grind to planting the spike, the community finally acknowledges the worth of these unsung heroes. A player has activated the spike over 8,850 times across different maps. According to MindJeromeBiz, he might be the number one “bomb planter” in North America, and players think it might be true.

The player’s achievement has also caught the attention of a Rioter named ‘BlueMonday,’ who shared their own stats. According to the game dev, they planted the spike about 5485 times, which is a significant number, but still far from what casual players have achieved. 

“I have planted 5485 times. I guess I need to pump those numbers up,” BlueMonday says. 

Now, players want the developer to add spike stats on the scoreboard or MVP screen to give credit where it’s due. It’d be nice to have a feature dedicated to spike carriers, but until that happens, players can get their stats through third-party websites. 

Here’s how to get your Valorant spike plant stats:

  • Go to and log in with your Valorant ID
  • Go to your profile 
  • Click on maps from the menu
  • Select ‘Competitive’ and then click on ‘All Acts’
  • Open each map to check out your spike stats

With this method, you can determine whether you are the best spike carrier for your team! 

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