Valorant skins get into Halloween spirit with Soulstrife bundle

The Valorant skins Soulstrife bundle features a Halloween-themed ghastly scythe, and it's perfect for late-night sessions in the Riot Games FPS game

Valorant skins get into Halloween spirit with Soulstrife bundle: close up of Agent Fade punching the screen

Valorant skins in Riot Games’ FPS game always make a note of celebrating events and traditions, and the hit multiplayer game creator has now rolled out a skin bundle for Halloween, and it’s absolutely gourd-geous. With the recent sequels of popular collections, the Soulstrife bundle is a fresh breath of air for Valorant fans looking to get into a spooky mood.

Valorant skins bundles of recent memory have all been futuristic, but Riot Games is now throwing it back to the Project: A days when skin bundles were theme-heavy and evocative. Soulstrife looks like a mix of Reaver and Tethered Realms bundles, skins that were a big hit among the fans. While players generally don’t like a translucent design, this makes an exception.

Soulstrife will be Valorant skins for the following weapons: 

  • Guardian 
  • Phantom
  • Spectre
  • Ghost 
  • Melee 
  • Spray and card

Grey and white Valorant Soulstrife bundle

So far, fans are pleased with Soulstrife’s glass-like body and barbed exterior reminiscent of Valorant’s highly-sought after collections like Ruination, Forsaken, and more. The Valorant skins appear to be made with clear glass, covered with dark ascents. Some glow is peeking through the dark design, which adds a haunting feel to the relatively simple weapons. 

The entire collection is a class apart, but melee is the star of the Soulstrife bundle. Instead of going with a usual knife, Riot has opted for a scythe, glowing in Soulstrife’s minty colours.

How much does the Valorant skin Soulstrife bundle cost? 

The Soulstrife bundle in Valorant will cost 1,775 VP for each gun and 3,550 VP for the melee. Players can grab the complete bundle for 7,100 VP, which is always the better deal. 

The prices are fair for five Valorant skins, a card, and a spray. The bundle will not have any chromas or variants, but players can max it out to level 1, which is likely the glimmer animations. Overall, it’s a reasonable bundle to add to Valorant’s spooky skin collection. 

Soulstrife arrives in the store on November 2. 

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