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Valorant Twitch streamer hits Radiant at age 11, gets banned

A Valorant Twitch streamer and possibly the FPS game's youngest prodigy has hit Radiant rank at age 11, but has been banned by the platform for a TOS violation

Valorant Twitch streamer hits Radiant at age 11, gets banned: A purple circle with a white speech bubble in it sits on a black blackground with red squares

Valorant ranks like Radiant are the ultimate holy grail for ranked demons, and while some take months or even years to get there, this 11-year-old player did it with ease. As if acquiring the golden badge wasn’t already a tall order in Riot’s FPS game, recent addition of Ascendant to the ladder made it even more elusive. But Lucas, an 11-year-old Valorant Twitch streamer, still made it happen.

The Valorant community is all praises, but Twitch doesn’t think he should be showcasing his talent on their platform. The Amazon-owned streaming platform has banned the young prodigy for violating Twitch’s TOS. It’s no secret that Twitch’s content can be inappropriate for minors, which is why the platform has strict age restrictions in place. 

“The Twitch Services are not available to persons under the age of 13. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child under 13 who has become a Twitch Services member, you can contact Twitch to have their account terminated indefinitely,” Twitch’s rule book says. 

So, Lukas was in clear violation of Twitch’s rules, which strictly prohibit children from accessing the content or streaming. However, most of the Valorant community is still siding with him. According to them, Lukas was streaming under parental supervision, which should negate the penalty. 

After being banned, Lukas and his parents took to Twitter and put his case in front of the fans. Turns out, Twitch had previously banned the streamer for being underage, which is why he returned to the platform with his parents. Lukas’ existing clips from Twitch also confirm that his parents were always present in the background, monitoring the streams. 

For now, the community is requesting Twitch to bend its rules, but it seems unlikely. Lukas’ request through the appeal portal has already been rejected. Moreover, Twitch’s age restrictions are quite rigid for the right reasons, and it’s highly improbable that it’ll let Lukas stream before he’s at least 13. 

Fans and notable personalities are now trying to help Lukas regain his channel or at least return to streaming. Some recommend opting for a family channel instead of registering as an individual, while others suggest switching platforms. Whatever the case, professional players like Michael ‘dapr‘ Gulino are eager to watch more of what this kid has to offer in Valorant!

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