Vampire Survivors teams up with Among Us for out-of-this-world DLC

In a surprise crossover, Vampire Survivors is getting a new piece of DLC featuring characters from social deduction game Among Us.

A hard hat-wearing bean creature from Among Us, in space, towing two objects.

Vampire Survivors is expanding once again, as developer Poncle reveals the arcade-style game’s upcoming downloadable content. Coming as a surprise crossover with multiplayer social deduction game Among Us, the DLC will launch you into space to play as one of the iconic bean-shaped Crewmates.

Vampire Survivors getting a crossover with Among Us? Who’d have thought it? Poncle, developer of this frantic indie game did and, after getting the nod from Among Us dev Innersloth, Vampire Survivors’ Emergency Meeting DLC is officially happening.

You’ll have to wait a little while to get your hands on it, but it’s one of the more interesting team-ups to hit the PC. Both games contain plenty of murder, that’s for sure, but Among Us is about hiding in plain sight, whereas Vampire Survivors has you blasting anything you can see.

So how does it work? The paid Emergency Meeting DLC sidesteps the social deduction aspect of Among Us and leans into Vampire Survivors’ single-player and co-op shoot-em-up mayhem.

Emergency Meeting transports you to an all-new map, based around Among Us’s Polus Replica scientific base. The DLC also adds nine new characters, including a Ghost, an Impostor, and a handful of regular Crewmates. On top of that, there are 15 new weapons and six new music tracks.

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Aside from playing as Among Us’s Crewmates, you’ll also get to control the game’s regular cast, including Vampire Survivors’ secret characters. How did they get there? Perhaps wisely, Poncle is glossing over that question.

While largely animated, the trailer does offer a brief glimpse of the DLC in action and it looks pretty exciting. If you think so too, you can wishlist it now on Steam. Emergency Meeting releases Thursday, December 14, and costs just $2.49 / £1.99.

This collaboration isn’t the first time Innersloth is crossing over with another indie. The developer recently saw Among Us’ Indie Cosmicube come to fruition, which, when unlocked, lets you dress up as characters from other independent games.

Vampire Survivors is also receiving a free update, patch 1.8, adding a new Adventures mode. This allows you to participate in pick-up and play micro-adventures, separate from the main game. If it’s been a while since you’ve taken on the forces of evil, now’s a good time to jump back into Vampire Survivors.

Even when you’ve got the right Vampire Survivors build, the game can be challenging but it’s never frustrating, so I’m absolutely up for more auto-attacking action.  If you’re looking for more shared mayhem, check out these chaotic co-op games to play with pals.

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