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There’s a secret version of Vampire Survivors that wasn’t released

Vampire Survivors may have a hidden Director's Cut version with new characters and stages, but it has never been released to the public... yet.

A red-eyed, pale vampire glares on before him with a red moon shining behind him

Vampire Survivors is the only roguelike game I keep coming back to, pouring hundreds of hours of gameplay into it while working to 100% its extensive list of achievements. When the co-op mode was recently announced, I was excited to one day experience the bullet-hell chaos Vampire Survivors thrusts you into with friends. Poncle has proven to be one of the most ground-breaking indie developers around, updating the game constantly and releasing content-packed DLCs. It seems the team could have even more Vampire Survivors up its sleeve, but we may never get to personally experience it.

Accessibility consultant and author Laura Kate Dale claims in an August 2 tweet sent to PCGamesN that she discovered a never-before-seen version of Vampire Survivors known as the ‘Director’s Cut.’ According to Dale, the unreleased cut of the game includes “ten new characters,” including a “multi-limbed angel, rose woman, an imp, Santa, werewolf, space man, big skull, constellation frog, angel, and winged egg.”

An image showing the alleged Vampire Survivors Director's Cut game menu

Dale provided what appears to be video proof of herself playing the Director’s Cut during an event showcasing Vampire Survivors’ upcoming co-op mode. “I might be the only person outside of the dev team who has played it,” she writes, stating that she “got pulled aside” to playtest the mysterious version of Vampire Survivors. According to Dale, the developers told her that “this is content that may or may not one day release.”

Dale also claims that The Director’s Cut includes “Wild new characters, stages, weapons accessories, and evolutions.” The Coop, one of the new stages shown in an image posted by her, comes with 300 chickens that can play together. Another stage looks to take place in a colorful version of space, which Dale plays through. “I was not told this is a for-sale product, I was simply plucked out of the room and placed in front of this,” she claims.

In her video, Dale can be seen playing who she described as a “winged egg,” Sir Joe Buchone. The character looks to be an oval-shaped swirling blue galaxy wearing a little black top hat. It’s adorable, silly, and quirky, which are all definitely features we’d expect of Vampire Survivors gameplay, regardless of whether they’re found within the current release or this secret version. Dale makes use of new items and weapons as she traverses the stage with Sir Joe Buchone.

I’m overjoyed at the thought of another version of Vampire Survivors, but also sad knowing we may never get to play through it. Hopefully, the Director’s Cut makes its way to the public, or at least the constellation frog does.

An image of the alleged Character Selection screen in the Vampire Survivors Director's Cut

PCGamesN asked Poncle for comment on Dale’s findings, and the team has stated that it is “not able to comment on anything” just yet. We will update here if any new information comes our way.

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