Vampire Survivors cheats

All of the in-game Vampire Survivors cheats you can enter on the main menu, and details on how to install and use the Vampire Survivors cheat engine.

Vampire Survivors cheats: Red Death is being chased by a Bone Orb, which is a rolling mass of skeletons.

October 31, 2023: Added one new cheat with several unlocks, just in time for Halloween. Spoilers: there are still no vampires.

What are the Vampire Survivors cheats? It seems like a cruel joke for the roguelike game to add cheat codes this late in development, but here we are. One of the later patches gave would-be vampire hunters a chance to enter some codes for powerful abilities. You can click on the Yellow Sign entry seven times to unlock this secret menu, but it will disappear shortly afterward.

To permanently unlock the Vampire Survivors cheats, you need to find the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, which you can obtain by slaying the Bone Orb in the Bone Zone. Once you pick this up, a new secrets menu will appear on the main menu in the roguelike game. Not only can you enter cheats here, but you can also see the conditions for unlocking the hidden Vampire Survivors unlockable characters. Of course, you can just enter codes to unlock them; we have the full list below, including the Halloween cheat that unlocks exclusive skins.

All Vampire Survivors cheat codes

Here are all of the Vampire Survivors cheats:

Main menu cheats

You need to type these cheats on the main menu rather than in the secrets section:

  • Unlock Exdash as a playable Vampire Survivor character – x-x1viiq
  • Get 5,000 gold – Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Esc, Enter  (works only once)

Character cheats

  • Arca Ladonna – noneladonna
  • Porta Ladonna – vivaladonna
  • Lama Ladonna – superladonna
  • Poe Ratcho – strongestcharacter
  • Dommario – bioparco
  • Suor Clerici – faschiuma
  • Krochi Freetto – accidenti
  • Christine Davain – crystalmakeup
  • Yatta Cavallo – yattapanda
  • Bianca Ramba – carramba
  • O’Sole Meeo – reset
  • Sir Ambrojoe – languorino
  • Gyorunton – secondevolution
  • Big Trouser – earrivatolarrotino
  • Cosmo Pavone – lhovistoio
  • Boon Marrabbio – fettinepanate
  • Leda – iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme
  • Peppino – pinociampino
  • Gains Boros – highfive
  • Mask of the Red Death – ablasphemousmockery
  • Exdash – exdashexoneviiq
  • Toastie – tramezzini (only works if Exdash is unlocked)
  • Smith – maybeiamastallion (only works if Toastie is unlocked)
  • Pugnala Provola – flymetothemoon
  • Giovanna Grana – thetwoassassins
  • Poppea Pecorina – feldschlacht
  • Concetta Caciotta – ifeellovevenus
  • Iguana Gallo Valletto – waitreaction
  • Divano Thelma – quandolodicelui
  • Zi’Assunta Belpaese – paradigmshift
  • Queen Sigma – allatonce
  • (its name is randomized) – igottagettotheedgeofsoul
  • Halloween-themed skins for Mortaccio, Bianca Ramba, O’Sole Meeo, and Yatta Cavallo – spoopyseason

Stage cheats

  • Il Molise – relaxenjoylife
  • Moongolow – honesty
  • Green Acres – dotgogreenacres
  • The Bone Zone – rottingpizza
  • Boss Rash – peakgamedesign
  • Bat Country (normal and Hyper mode) – recycletheforest
  • Astral Stair (normal and Hyper mode) – recyclethelibrary

Relic cheats

  • Grim Grimoire – thisshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault
  • Ars Gouda – thistooshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault
  • Milky Way Map – leadmetothecheese
  • Glass Vizard – eggseggseggs
  • Mindbender – teleportustomars
  • Randomazzo + Arcana VI – randomazzami
  • Great Gospel – icanhearthecriesofcaptainplanet
  • Magic Banger – thankelrond
  • Sorceress Tears – timecompression
  • Yellow Sign – ihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenit
  • Apoplexy relic – tengillesbalm
  • Chaos Malachite relic – gottagofast
  • Chaos Rosalia relic – coldWaterhotwater
  • Trisection relic – haeralisploy

Arcana cheats

  • 0 – Game Killer – ilmatto
  • I – Gemini – ilbagatto
  • II – Twilight Requiem – lapapessa
  • III – Tragic Princess – limperatrice
  • IV – Awake – limperatore
  • V – Chaos in the Dark Night – ilpapa
  • VII – Iron Blue Will – ilcarro
  • VIII – Mad Groove – laforza
  • IX – Divine Bloodline – leremita
  • X – Beginning – laruota
  • XI – Waltz of Pearls – lagiustizia
  • XII – Out of Bounds – lappeso
  • XIII – Wicked Season – lamorte
  • XIV – Jail of Crystal – latemperanza
  • XV – Disco of Gold – ildiavolo
  • XVI – Slash – latorre
  • XVII – Lost & Found Painting – lastella
  • XVIII – Boogaloo of Illusions – laluna
  • XIX – Heart of Fire – ilsole
  • XX – Silent Old Sanctuary – ilgiudizio

Misc cheats

  • All weapons unlocked for level up options – everything
  • All five main stages and Hyper Mode unlocked – everywhere
  • Spin the UI for a bit – spinnn

Legacy of Moonspell cheats

  • Miang and Silver Wind weapon – shounenheroine
  • Menya and Four Seasons weapon – youngatheart
  • Syuuto, Baba-Onna, and both Summon Night and Mirage Robe weapons – itsnotaneclipse
  • Mccoy-Oni and 108 Bocce weapon – ionicoionico
  • Megalo Menya – elamadonna
  • Megalo Syuuto and Night Sword weapon – takeashower
  • Gab’Et-Oni and Mille Bolle Blu weapon – chevolano

Tides of Foscari cheats

  • Eleanor and SpellString weapon – spellsomething
  • SpellStream weapon – spellwhatever
  • SpellStrike weapon – spellwhichever
  • Maruto and Eskizzibur weapon – animeismypassion
  • Keitha and Flash Arrow weapon – oopsistoleoneagain
  • Luminaire Foscari and Luminaire weapon – deusexmachina
  • Genevieve and Shadow Servant weapon – basicwitch
  • Je-Ne-Viv – theworldeater
  • Rottin’ Ghoul and Party Popper weapon – souloftheparty
  • Sammy – happybirthday

Vampire Survivors cheats - the cheats menu and the entry space to "cast spells". Two of the cheats have not been uncovered.

How to unlock the Vampire Survivors cheat menu

As mentioned before, you must kill the Bone Orb in the Bone Zone to get the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, unlocking the cheats option on the main menu. Our tip is to pick one of the best Vampire Survivors characters, preferably a speedy one with weapons you can manually aim at this monster. You’ll want to kill it as quickly as possible because it gets bigger as enemies run into it, bolstering its health. Our method of choice was to rush it down with Mask of the Red Death, but choosing other speedy characters such as Krochi, Pugnala, or Marrabbio should work well, too.

It may seem like a rather pointless endeavor, especially if you’ve already unlocked everything, but these Vampire Survivors cheats will at least help you fill some gaps if you can’t be bothered to grind runs. If you’d rather get every character without resorting to codes, you can use the best Vampire Survivors builds to win runs or get enough cash to pay for all of the Vampire Survivors powerups and buff your base stats. You may also need all of the Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions recipes at a glance.