Best Vampire Survivors power ups

Here are the best Vampire Survivors power ups for your character and a list of what every upgrade does from increasing health to weapons effects.

Vampire Survivors power ups

What are the best Vampire Survivors power ups? You can purchase power ups in the main menu to aid you in your bid to survive the night. Each has different effects, from raising damage to reviving characters, and new ones are added in the game’s updates since launch.

To upgrade the best Vampire Survivors power ups, you must pick up coins and money bags found in chests or by breaking lanterns while playing the roguelike game. Completing a stage of the game also rewards you with coins you can use to bolster the abilities of your best Vampire Survivors characters by accessing the power up shop in the main menu.

The Vampire Survivors power ups screen showing all of the available to upgrade perks that can appear in-game.

Best upgrade order of Vampire Survivors power ups

The best order of Vampire Survivors power ups you should prioritize in upgrading are:

  • Revival
  • Amount
  • Cooldown
  • Area
  • Speed
  • Duration
  • Reroll
  • Growth
  • Armor
  • Luck
  • Might
  • Move speed
  • Recovery
  • Curse
  • Armor
  • Greed
  • Magnet
  • Max Health
  • Banish
  • Skip
  • Defang

Many of these power ups affect your weapons, including Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions, with cooldown upgrades improving how often they fire, amount adding how many projectiles appear on screen at once, enlarging the projectile itself so it can hit more enemies, and so on.

All Vampire Survivors power ups

Here are all the Vampire Survivors power ups:

  • Might – raises inflicted damage by 5% per rank (max +25%).
  • Armor – reduces incoming damage by 1 per rank (max -3).
  • Max health – augments max health by 10% per rank (max +30%).
  • Recovery – recovers 0.1HP per rank (max 0.5) per second.
  • Cooldown – uses weapons 2.5% faster per rank (max +5%).
  • Area – augments area of attacks by 5% per rank (max +10%).
  • Speed – projectiles move 10% faster per rank (max +20%).
  • Duration – effects from weapons last 15% longer per rank (max +30%).
  • Amount – fires one more projectile (all weapons): (this does not count for Garlic, Soul Eater, Pentagram, Gorgeous Moon, Phieraggi, Clock Lancet, and Laurel).
  • Move Speed – character moves 5% faster per rank (max +10%).
  • Magnet – items pickup range +25% per rank (max +50%).
  • Luck – the chance to get lucky goes up by 10% per rank (max +30%): Luck affects the likelihood of opening 3/5 items in a single chest, the chance of an item appearing in the fourth slot per level up, and increases the spawn rate of lanterns and gold rush laurels.
  • Growth – gain 3% more experience per rank (max +15%).
  • Greed – gain 10% more coins per rank (max +50%).
  • Curse – increases enemy speed, health, quantity, and frequency by 10% per rank (max +50%).
  • Revival – revives once with 50% health.
  • Reroll – once per rank, allows you to get different item choices when leveling up.
  • Skip – twice per rank, allows you to skip the level up choices and get experience instead.
  • Banish – once per rank, allows you to remove an item from level up choices for the rest of the run.
  • Omni – increases might, projectile speed, duration, and area by 2% per rank (max +10%).
  • Seal – allows to Banish an item from level up choices or a pickup from light sources. Use in Collection Menu.
  • Charm – increases enemy spawn quantity by 20 per rank (max +100).
  • Defang – enemies spawn unable to deal damage 3% of the time per rank (max 15%)

Best Vampire Survivors power ups - a masked cloak is chasing after the player in a library, who has just past a piano to try and fire ectoplasm and mud men.,

How to get eggs and Limit Break

After getting the Yellow Sign, you will see items in the in-game map in your runs, namely the gold and silver rings and the left and right Metalglio. As you approach them, masked figures will arrive to attack you. Defeat them to get golden eggs and randomly upgrade one of your power up stats.

The number of eggs does stack, and you can constantly upgrade your character in multiple runs. However, they are tied to that hero, so you should pick the best characters to train up with eggs.

You can also unlock the Limit Break by beating the Vampire Survivors Ender boss in Cappella Magna to further your weapons and perks instead of receiving gold after purchasing every weapon/item upgrade in a run.

Now you know what the best Vampire Survivors power ups are. Mastering this bit is a small part of why it was a sleeper hit and one of the best PC games of last year. We have tips on how to unlock Vampire Survivors secret characters and all of the other unlockables in the base game and DLC.